9 Amazing Weird Food Combinations

weired food combination
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Weird food combinations seem strange at first glance, but you really cannot judge before tasting them. However, several food combinations go ahead of sheer oddity and head straight towards making you feel nauseous. We’re talking foods that probably shouldn’t even touch each other on the plate, much less be purposefully united in a meal. We don’t know who invented these following unbelievable, bizarre food combinations, but we’re pretty sure they have stomachs made of metal. However, it turns out, some of these make delicious combinations!

1.Mango With Chili Powder

source: https://bit.ly/355Qf9e

Unripe mango flavored with chili powder is yummy, but ripe mangoes with chilies sound not-so-good. Maybe they could make the right combination! Would you ever try?

2. Cheetos and Milk

Cheetos and Milk

Well, if you thought that milk goes well with cookies only, then hang on. It turns out the cookies are out of the league and Cheetos dipped in milk is a new rage. This looks like an odd food combination, but many people find that the neutral flavor of the milk and the cheesy flavor of the Cheetos make a great combination.

3. Vodka and Pani Puri

source: https://bit.ly/2Q24lE9

Alcohol combined with Indian street food anyone? Well, that’s a dream-come-true for many. A perfect combination of panipuri and alcohol lovers. However, it is highly advised to mix alcohol in moderation.

4. OREO Cookies Dipped in Orange Juice

OREO Cookies Dipped in Orange Juice

Oreos dipped in milk-yummy! Oreos with peanut butter- sounds excellent! Oreos dipped in orange juice- What? We need to prepare ourselves even to imagine this weird combination. However, surprisingly, this combination is not that bad. The orange juice compliments the cookie quite wonderfully!

5. Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

source: https://bit.ly/2MuMrrC

Soy sauce on vanilla ice-cream might sound like the weirdest food combination; however, it turns out that many people like it. Basically, the blend of the sweetness of the vanilla ice-cream and the saltiness of the soy sauce make up a great pair. Try it out yourself!

6. Popcorn with Ketchup

source: https://bit.ly/39gyjvA

Some folks are insanely addicted to ketchup. They cannot refrain from adding ketchup in whatever they eat. Hence we have a popcorn dipped ketchup recipe!

7. Pasta Sauce on Waffles

Waffles and pasta sauce are lovely for what they are. However, adding them together sounds like a kitchen nightmare. Who even decided this was worth trying? Definitely a hard pass!

8. Nutella on Dosa

source: https://bit.ly/35YBdmU

The classic south Indian dish can be found in several avatars, Mysore masala, schezwan, pure desi ghee, but possibly the best of these is the one that is made by scattering our all-time-favorite Nutella on it.

9. Chilli with chocolate

The chocolate businesses and chocolate enthusiasts have been going mad about this. The best way to taste this perfect composition is to buy a gourmet bar or chili chocolate.  If you can’t buy it, then take tiny bites of a fresh red chili while eating a smooth bar of chocolate.

Would ever try these food combinations? Maybe you should go on an adventure and play serious games with your taste buds!


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