Amazon India Is An Epitome Of Equality Screws Up Sonakshi Sinha’s Order Too

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We are glad to know that not Amazon india just doesn’t screw up our orders it also treats the celebrity with the same level not-so-super service. They are not biased or partial, they show the same irresponsible attitude towards celebs as well when it comes to sending the right package!

Amazon india

Sonakshi Sinha, yes the Bollywood star, ordered premium Bose headphones from Amazon India but when she opened her perfectly packed and legit-looking box, she found a piece of rusted metal. Needless to say that she is pretty upset about it!

She took it to Twitter to share her horrifying and a bit hilarious (for the rest of us) online shopping experience!

To which Amazon India swiftly replied

But by then it was too late, Twitteratis had already got enough to slam Amazon and Sonakshi.

Now she is selling the piece of junk for 18k, any Sonakshi fan out there who will buy the premium piece of junk from her?

Hope Amazon focus on customer satisfaction as much as they focus on promoting Big Billion Days!


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