Amy Jackson is slaying with her latest Instagram picture!

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Amy Jackson with her latest topless picture and flaunting her big baby bump with stretch marks has created waves in the media. She is seen confident and proud of what her body has become. The trollers dare not comment anything adverse!

Image source: Instagram (iamamyjackson)

Usually the yesteryear actresses in Bollywood have preferred a sabbatical in their pregnancy period and always shied away from getting clicked or making any public appearances. It was majorly Kareena Kapoor Khan who proudly flaunted her baby bump, participated in fashion shows and made all sorts of public appearances and sent a very strong message that women should be proud of their body and their ability to carry their most prized possession. It isn’t long that actress Sameera Reddy was fat shamed, but she hit back strongly at the trollers and killed it by flaunting her baby bump in several pictures. Now it is Amy Jackson who is all over the media for the good!

Amy Jackson setting goals for today’s couples!

Maybe, the concept of marriage will become a thing of the past as several couples today like Arjun Rampal and his girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades and now Amy Jackson and her fiancé George Panayiotou embraced parenthood proudly before tying the knot. Amy Jackson too didn’t shun away from sharing her pregnancy news with her fiancé and made headlines with several pictures showing off her baby bump.


Amy Jackson is slaying without a doubt!

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Amy Jackson with every picture of hers is setting benchmarks for the maternity fashion and conveys a strong message that maternity outfits do not have to be jejune and lifeless. She is almost done with her 33 weeks of pregnancy and keeping her fans posted of all her developments. She is keeping fit, not missing out on any fun and setting major goals for all those couples who shy away from pregnancy thinking that they will be deprived from partying and other excitements in life.

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Look at this picture, which is about a month old. It shows Amy Jackson in Venice and setting major travel goals for all the pregnant women out there. She is certainly one happy mother to be, who conveys a strong message to stay happy, healthy and not stay deprived of any pleasures in life. She quoted along with this picturethat her little one has been to more places in the last 9 months than she had ever been in her first 9 years.

Fashion redefined in all black!

Image source: Instagram (iamamyjackson)

Amy Jackson has redefined the fashion where everyone in the industry and apart are admiring her with jaws dropped. Paparazzi have been closely following her and she has been spotted at the gyms several times with her beau.

With her all black look, she can turn everyone jealous including the women who are not carrying!

Hats off to Amy Jackson who is proving to be an epitome of women empowerment. She is setting goals for all the women to love their bodies and be proud of their gifted ability to bring a new life to this world!



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