An innovative plastic recycling technique for a sustainable environment

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Have you heard the name Bernie Craven? Do you know what he does? Read along to find his exceptional contribution in recycling waste plastic and turning it into something extremely useful. You will be amazed to know about his background and his determination that led him towards this extraordinarily noble cause.

There are times when we come across some heart -wrecking news in a part of our world, about the whales with plastic filled stomachs getting choked and washed ashore. But, you will be happy to know that in another part of the world, in Queensland Australia, there lives a hairdresser who has found a unique way to recycle the old shampoo bottles and the other hairdressing industry waste to make prosthetic limbs for the differently abled, that too free of cost!

Waste Free Systems- A unique project!

Bernie Craven, a former successful salon owner, and now the CEO of Waste Free Systems had his concerns for the environment for the past 25 years. When he realized that the recyclables that he dumped in the bin did not reach where they are supposed to, the journey of his ambitious project began!

Bernie Craven believes in the mantra of ‘Repurposing’. The aim is not only to benefit the environment by recycling and utilizing the waste but also to improve the lives of those who are a part of this world. He has turned his warehouse into a small 3D printed limb factory. He brings in the plastic waste like old shampoo bottles and sorts out the waste. After sorting, the next step involves shredding and filtering of this plastic waste. The filtered plastic is then put in an extruder machine to turn it into 3 D filaments which are finally utilized to create the prosthetics.

An inspiring journey to motivate us all:


It has been two years now that Bernie Craven is supporting the hairdressing industry to get rid off the plastic waste with his Waste Management Systems. The prosthetic limbs also called as 3 D bionic limbs are given away to the children for free. People need to support his cause, as more funds he receives, a greater number of children at need will be benefitted and will be able to do their routine jobs just like any other normal person. The prototypes are being tested and if the trials become successful, efforts will be made to promote this project and make this entire world free from plastic debris.


The story of this former hairdresser is an inspiration not just for people in Australia but for people in all parts of the world.  The experts from all possible areas should think of similar ways to effectively deal with plastic waste. Government too needs to provide lavish funds to encourage such initiatives. It is only then that we will be able to resolve this escalating plastic crisis for our future generations.


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