Andhadhun Movie Review A Whirlwind Of Quirks And Ruckus

ANDHADHUN movie review
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Andhadhun is a thriller where all the mysteries: motive, killer, liar, boyfriend; all is revealed in the first hour on the movie. But ‘what’s gonna happen next’ will keep everyone glued to their seats for the rest of the movie.

andhdhund movie review

With quirks and unexpected twists, the laughter will not stop. From a crooked doctor who want to steal your organs to empathetic villains, from a policeman at the centre of the murder case to a blind man being an eyewitness; all that palpable tension throughout the movie keeps us focused as we ask ourselves ‘Ab Kya Hoga?’.

andhadun movie review

It is a story of visually impaired pianist Akash (Ayushman Khurana) who founds his muse in Sophie (Radhika Apte). Sophie offers him a job at her father’s restaurant and we wait for a beautiful love-story to bloom. But instead, we find ourselves gazing at the screen, with excitement and thrill, while our characters are caught up in the web of lies and betrayal. Simmi (Tabu) and Pramod (Anil Dhawan) are a high society married couple too much in love until Pramod decides to surprise his wife on their anniversary. Tabu is feisty and we love it! She acts like a true serial killer, wicked and merciless and is referred to as Lady Macbeth in one of the scenes.

andhadun movie review

For a movie that is murder-centric, Andhadhun is unpredictably funny. Creating humour around murder mystery is a difficult job well done. Sriram Raghvan’s complexities of his vision will come back to you in its complete grandeur only when we understand the story thread. The acts performed by the characters, Andhadhun, is simply an ode to acting. Tabu is marvellous in the movie with apparently the most noticeable performance. Ayushman Khurana will win your hearts with his ‘Becharapan’ which by the end you will conclude to be more of his ‘Kaminapan’. Radhika Apte is the most decent and uncontroversial character in the movie, Surprisingly!

andhadun movie review

GKG gives Andhadhun a Rating of 4.5. We love the storyline and the characters were refreshing and the concept was beautifully wrapped and presented. It is a comedy thriller where the mystery is none like the others, who is the killer or the secret agenda; it is simply what will happen now. Audiences keep thinking and assuming the next situation and this is what makes Andhadhun a great movie and a must watch.

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