Are you aware of the Kashmir of Odisha???

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Mother Nature has bestowed upon uncountable blessings to mankind and one of them is mesmerizing beauty of hers which is enthralling. Many places in the world undeniably attract you and your soul lives there forever.

Among these soul calling places, one such place is Daringbadi also known as Kashmir of Odisha, it is full of scenic beauty and mesmerizing views of mountains, waterfalls, forest, and wildlife.

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It is situated in the Kandhamal district of Odisha and at a height of 3000 ft. In the British era, this place was under the authority of Daring Sahib so it’s been called Daringbadi. The population of Daringbadi mainly comprises of the tribal community, and so if anyone wants to explore tribal art and culture this is the place for them.

Daringbadi is famously known for its scenic beauty, beautiful waterfalls, Sanctuary, Rivers, forests and hill stations, and green valleys, the temperature here reaches to minus or close to zero, which fills tourist with the feeling of excitement and adventure. Snowfall in Daringbadi makes it more exquisite and is also one of the main tourist attractions. It serves as the best holiday in the destination of all seasons. Several tourists visit Daringbadi from across the globe because of its natural beauty and feel the experience of being in the lap of Nature. 

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In Daringbadi one can also live the experience of staying in wooden bungalows which completes tourist stay of being in natural habitat, along with cherishing the local cuisine. We can relish on many local/ tribal cuisines which are mouthwatering and full of nutrients having been grown in most natural habitat and no chemicals used.

This place is also evolving towards urbanization and many churches, hotels, and homestay are being built there so tourists can enjoy their stay without any difficulty. This place is full of attractions and divine views but to name a few,its major attractions are Daringbadi waterfalls, Badangia waterfalls, Hill view Park, Nature Park, Herbal garden with Butterflies, Herbal Picnic ground, Coffee garden, Duluri Picnic ground, Daringbadi Picnic ground, Belghar Sanctuary. 

It also has good connectivity one can reach Daringbadi by railway and road. The nearest railway station is Berhampur which is 120 km. Daringbadi is 10 km from Phulbani and 59 km from G.Udayagiri, 49 km from Balliguda and 46 km from Raikia. The road journey from these places to Daringbadi is itself a journey full of picturesque views and breathes in the air makes you more energetic and fresher. The whole experience is just divine.

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Daringbadi has also very good connectivity from Bhubaneswar which is about 211 km from the main Daringbadi area and in Bhubaneswar every facility is available to reach Daringbadi. Tourists can easily find the elephants roaming on the roads via road journey from Eastern Ghat to Daringbadi.

In India, if Kashmir is heaven on earth, Daringbadi is the second heaven which truly offers a divine experience of staying and food and springs you with memories to cherish for a lifetime


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