5 Best Brand Taglines And Their Hidden Meanings

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Gossip Ki Galliyan discovered hidden meaning inside famous Brand Taglines for you!

Uber- “Get there” Because Our Driver Can’t Find You

For all those who have booked their cabs from Uber knows what we are talking about. Uber drivers are GPS –ve and cannot find your location, like ever!

Apple- “Think Different” And Still Buy The Non-innovation Phone

Now all the Apple loyalists do not tell us that this is not true! With every new phone, they get more expensive and less innovative.  (and no increasing the size and removing jack isn’t innovation)

Zomato-  “Discover Great Places To Eat Around You” While Being A Lazy-Ass

Gone are the days when dinner plans meant choosing a restaurant, making a reservation and dressing up to enjoy the great ambience. Now it’s all about choosing a restaurant and order online while you Netflix and Chill in your pyjamas. We are surely getting lazier with Zomato.

Disney- “The Happiest Place On Earth” Because We Serve Lies

Think about it, Disney introduced the concept of ‘Happily Ever After” and “everything has a happy ending” when we were kids. It’s only after growing up that we realize how twisted this world is. Although we still enjoy these lies occasionally to escape the reality even as adults.

McDonald’s- “I’m Lovin’ It” Because Sasta Hai

The only reason McDonald’s is our favourite is that it is pocket-friendly. There is practically no other reason why we actually love McDonald’s!

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