10 Foods to Eat Post Breakup Comfort Foods

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Breakups suck, literally! Nobody deserves to go through that heart-wrenching phase. But, sometimes life can be cruel to us. And all we want to do is curl up in bed for days and just cry. It just feels like there’s nothing good left in life.

Well, actually, there is a lot of lip-smacking food in life! And today we’ll talk about some mouthwatering and delightful looking foods you must have post-breakup to make yourself feel much much better.

1.Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a wonderful indulgence when you are going through a bad break-up. Do you know, as per studies, dark chocolate tends to reduce the level of stress hormones? Moreover, it also contains a special type of sugar that release mood-improving hormone serotonin. However, over-indulgence could not be the best for you.

2. Breakup cupcakes

Breakup cupcakes

Your significant other left you? Well, maybe it’s for your own good and you actually deserve better? Breakup Cupcakes are a perfect way to celebrate singlehood, especially for girls because they love cupcakes! Call your best friends over and party like crazy. No more shedding tears!

3. Smoothies


Post-breakup trauma drains us emotionally as well as physically. That’s when you need a gush of nutrients into your system so that your breakup does not take a toll on your health. Search some good-looking and delicious smoothies on Pinterest and make them right away. It will also keep you busy.

4. French fries

french fries

Oder a truckload of French Fries with your favorite dip and gobble them up until your chest no more feels pain, but the guilt of eating so many fries.

5. Pasta


Pasta is a soul-food for broken hearts. Warm your tummy with pasta till you feel like you can take over this world again. A delicious meal of pasta is a great way to let go of the past and start new.

6. Chinese food

Chinese food

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? Take your phone and order 10 lip-smacking Chinese dishes because it’s really difficult to just select one. Dumplings, meatballs, Manchurian, noodles, all of these classic dishes will totally satisfy your taste buds.

7. Waffles


When you want to treat yourself but don’t want to do it in an unhealthy manner, then waffles are just the thing. Garnished with chocolate syrup and loads of fresh fruits, you cannot go wrong with this one. Simply, a heart warmer!

8. Cheese sandwich

Cheese sandwich

When you talk about comfort food, the cheese sandwich automatically pops up in your head. Savor it with tasty and creamy tomato soup and let go of all of your pain.

9. Chips


Relieve all your stress, anxiety and pain with chips. Shovel them up whenever you feel like crying. Undoubtedly, the best comfort snacks!

10. Pizza


There’s no medicine or food in this world that can cure your broken heart like a pizza can. Oder your Favourite pizza with a lot of coke and eat it till you feel better again.

Pizza is a post-breakup staple food item; you just cannot cure yourself without it!


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