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best food places in delhi
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Old Delhi- a destination where every foodie’s dreams come true! There are some Best Food Places In Delhi When you are in Old Delhi, you just cannot afford to miss the heavenly food. From the buzzing gullies to the aromatic streets, the entire ambiance seems overwhelming when you are in Old Delhi. The old city shares a special relationship with the food since the Mughal era. At the Old Delhi, traditions are imperative and history is served lavishly—festooned with culinary secrets which have been passed down through many generations and have stolen the hearts of many.

Here is a delicious list of some of the most prominent and loved places in Old Delhi you must visit at least once in your lifetime!

1.Paranthe Wali Gali


For an amazing start, the Paranthe Wali Gali is an ideal place to visit. Since the commencement of shops in the 1970s, the Paranthe Wali Gali become a prominent gourmet location and has been attracting 100’s of people on a daily basis. Aloo, gobi and the peas parathas are must-haves!

2. Daulat ki chaat


The Daulat ki chaat serves a soft, fluffy and a cream-ish milk-based dessert that lands on your tongue and fades away–slowly giving you the real taste of what richness feels like! This out-of-the-world dessert is served only during winters. You can find Daulat Ki Chaat on the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk.

3. Karim’s hotel


If you are looking for a badass Mughlai feast, then Karim’s is your Best Food Places In Delhi. Karim’s is a 100+ years old Mughlai restaurant that serves insanely delicious biryani, chicken dishes, muttons, and kebabs. Each bite explodes in your mouth with flavors you cannot comprehend. At Karim’s, you can literally taste history!

4. Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner

Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner

Located on the Chandni Chowk main road, the Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner serves scrumptious Dahi Bhallas that is perfect in every way Best Food Places In Delhi. The Bhalla is served with yogurt that is sweet n’ sour and garnished with lots of other flavors. The softness of the Bhallas and the secret black chaat Masala makes all the difference!

5. Old Famous Jalebi Wala


Sweet jalebis, a feast for Indians, are popular sugary treats that are prepared with deep-fried which is soaked in the syrup. The Old Famous Jalebi Wala prepares these indulgent treats in pure desi ghee and that makes it authentic and unique!

6. Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi


The Kuremal Family has been preparing lip-smacking kulfis since the early 1990s Now its one of the Best Food Places In Delhi. Today, the Kuremal Family serves 50 delicious flavors and each one is perfect in its own way! Mango, paan, pomegranate, you say and they have it.

7. Mohammad Nadim’s bread-omelet

Mohammad Nadim's bread-omelette

A simple green-chili omelet softly juggling between two slices of extra buttery bread and bubbling in oil on a pan—a perfect start for any day. The Mohammad Nadim’s Bread Omelette is the ideal breakfast for many students and a must-visit Best Food Places In Delhi.

8. Bishan Swaroop Aloo Chaat

Bishan Swaroop Aloo Chaat

Hidden in one of the unruly streets of the Chandani Chowk, the vendor serves only three dishes- aloo chaat, fruits chaat and aloo kulla. These dishes taste like 1930 s and are must-haves for anyone who is crazy for chaats and potatoes!

9. Tiwari Brother Choley Bature


The Tiwari Brothers serve mind-blowing chole bhature and lip-smacking lassi that one can’t get enough of! The bhature is prepared until they are perfectly crispy and the chole is served with a dash of tangy chutney, raw onions, lemon, and green chilies.

10. Prince’s Paan and Chaat Corner for Pani Puri

Prince's Paan and Chaat Corner for Pani Puri

You can’t get enough of the Old Delhi if you haven’t had the Pani Puri. An upmarket place for people who are looking for delectable Pani Puri but don’t want to venture into the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk. Although You want to experience all these delicacies under one roof? Well, we can arrange that for you. Come to join us at The B.Y.O.H Food Festival!

Bring Your Own Hunger because we got the rest covered! BYOH is a uniquely planned and tastefully curated Food festival guaranteed to satiate the craving of all you foodies out there. We have brought all the real flavors of Delhi right from the by lanes of Old Delhi to the Fine diners of South Delhi to the funky cafes from North and booze to complement your favorites. You are sure to find everything here. And that’s not all; we have curated some really cool shopping brands which you won’t be able to resist.

Inviting all food enthusiasts, food lovers and food nerds from all over India to come and join us at The B.Y.O.H Food Fest. This festive season let’s celebrate ‘Dilli Ki Sardi Mein Dilli Ka Swaad’ at B.Y.O.H with a Bang and a Boom!

Venue: Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon, New Delhi

DATES: 23rd – 25th DECEMBER

TIME: 12 PM – 10 PM


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