Best Jobs For Lazy People

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Here it goes for all the Jobs For Lazy People out there!! If at all there was a mechanism to employ people on the grounds of laziness, this world would have been free from the shackles of unemployment ages ago. Pun intended!

So talking about them lazy folks, we can categorize them into two groups:-

  • The 24×7 Lazy Bunch
  • The lazy yet smart individuals

If you are a polar bear (24×7 lazy) looking for a Jobs For Lazy People, these are the various avenues where you won’t feel out of place:

# Massage Therapist

Jobs For Lazy People

All this is about having a stress free environment with soothing music and the aromas of the essential oils. Just have your strokes in place and voila; you just made some simple money!

# Security Guard

Jobs For Lazy People

Just stay alert and keep going rounds. You make money out of something for nothing. Why watch Big Boss at home? All you need is to get a uniform and make a living.

(Disclaimer:- This statement is not meant to offend any profession and we are very well aware of nature and value it bears.)

# Typist

Jobs For Lazy People

Government offices often hunt for such individuals. Especially in courts, revenue offices, and police stations. They don’t have to use their brains nor even have to speak to anyone. Be quick with your skill and just type what you hear or are assigned, you will be paid handsomely.

# Courier/ Delivery Services

Jobs For Lazy People

These are finely sought after jobs in India with reasonable pay and workload. With increasing online shopping websites, the demand for these jobs has been increasing day by day

# Cab/Taxi Services

These jobs have always been under great demand especially in metropolitan cities. Just have a driving license and a will to stay alive.

# The Lazy yet smart people.

These category people are a way to smart, talented and creative compared to the average lot. It’s just that they give too little of a damn to all the stress and pressure they have to face. They are too good for the world to run after them.’ CHILLAX’ is what their soul says. But Bill Gates dint stop right there! He says “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

If you are that Lazy bone yet the smart and talented one, just lay back and keep reading.

# Event Manager

Being in India, we know how our celebrations go. Be it a wedding or any gathering. The prospects of event managers are quite high in India. If you are creative, artistic and smart at managing things, this will be the right fit for you.

# Radio Jockey

If you have art for speaking and a beautiful voice this is your thing!! Not just about the talking, the best part about it is you only get to work for 2 – 4 hours a day and you are paid well.

# Youtuber

The number of YouTubers has been rampantly increasing lately, especially amongst youngsters. Creating youtube videos is a good way to let your passion and creativity earn some good money for Jobs For Lazy People. There many YouTubers who are multimillionaires and stand out of the crowd.


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