8 best places in Delhi to have a unique paratha experience

best places in Delhi to have a unique paratha experience
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With the growing influence of the west in almost everything, our food choices have also been altered. Nowadays people are gorging on pizza, pasta, and continental. Whenever we are heading out to eat, we mostly end up at a place serving international cuisine either to get an ‘international culinary experience or just to appear cool on social media.

While Gossip ki Galliyan in no way endorses or disapproves of any particular cuisine, we believe there is one dish that people should explore more when heading out to grab a meal. Indians, in general, do not only eat food to fill stomachs but also to satiate their soul. Tasty food is integral to our existence and parathas are one such category of the dish which can satisfy any appetite. The sheer variety of fillings within the parathas can make us fall in love with them all over again. Also, with winters fast approaching, smacking on one of the hot and steaming parathas makes the winter chill even more enjoyable.

We bring to you some of the famous paratha shops in Delhi that offer the best parathas in the city.

1.Moolchand Paratha

paratha places in Delhi
Source: LBB

When you are searching for a food joint serving parathas, Moolchand is the first place that comes to mind. The eponymous joint offers a unique variety of delicious parathas and is always crowded with paratha lovers. It’s not only their taste but the sheer size of paratha that attracts the customers from across the city. ‘Chur-chur’ paratha is a must-have here.

2. Flavors of Paratha

paratha places in Delhi
Source: Justdial

With so many unique varieties of paratha to offer, Flavors of Paratha is the best place to gorge on delicious parathas. It is situated right in the heart of south Delhi and is the perfect place to spend time having some mouthwatering parathas and experience their excellent service.

Coordinates: Malviya Nagar

3. Laxman Fast Food

paratha places in Delhi
Source: Tripadvisor

Located within the hub of education in Delhi (in front of IIFT), Laxman Fast Food is open throughout the day and late into the night. It is one of the best places to satisfy your late-night paratha cravings and that too at very reasonable rates. One more reason to select this place is because of its fun ambiance and the vibe generated by its regular customers -college students and young professionals.

Coordinates: Opposite IIFT Campus, Qutub Institutional Area

4. Pt. Babu Ram Paranthe Wala

paratha places in Delhi
Source: LBB

This joint offers a wide range of paratha at reasonable rates.Their signature papad paratha is very famous and attracts the crowd. Few quirky yet popular options to try are Banana paratha and Mix-veg paratha along with chutneys and condiments which just add another dimension to their overall taste.

Coordinates: Parathe wali Gali, Chandni Chowk

5. Naraina Keema Paratha

paratha places in Delhi

Open 24 x 7, this is a very famous joint among paratha lovers who want to fulfill their late-night cravings. Their signature Keema paratha is the one that garners most of the attention of paratha lovers. Prices are also appropriate considering the unique range of parathasoffered by this joint.

Coordinates: Ring Road, Naraina

6. No. 1 Uncle’s Parantha

paratha places in Delhi

Situated in South Extension in Delhi, the joint is famous for its rich and delicious varieties of paratha served with different chutneys, which add more taste to your experience. The rates are reasonable, in line with the no-frills ambiance of this place.

Coordinates: South Extension Part-1

7. Kuldeep Paranthe Wala

paratha places in Delhi
Source: Zomato

Known for serving great varieties of tasty parathas at reasonable rates, this joint is situated in the area next to Green Park. It is one of the most recommended places in this part of the city. Popular variants are – Muli paratha, palak paratha, methi paratha, paneer paratha, aloo paratha, khoya paratha, and gobhi paratha along with tasty chutneys.

Coordinates: Yusuf Sarai Market

8. Kake Di Hatti

paratha places in Delhi
Source: India Today

Located in one of the oldest parts of the city, Kake Di Hatti is a prominent place to go for parathas.It’s a must-visit place as per the paratha lovers as it offers different and unique varieties of paratha, at reasonable rates. The parathas served with chutneys are enough to provide a gratifying experience and are among the best paratha places in Delhi.

Coordinates: Khari Baoli

The above-given joints are among the best and paratha joints in Delhi. The tasty parathas served with equally tasteful chutneys are the only thing a paratha lover will ask for. These joints offer several delicious yet uniquely prepared parathas, that too at reasonable rates. They remain open till late in the night as well with special emphasis on providing good service to customers.


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