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Best Instagram Travel Accounts
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The desire to travel and explore the world we live in is in each of us. Traveling to foreign territories brings about new experiences and allows your soul to wander without any restraints. It is for this reason so many people leave their comfortable homes and travel to various places.

One of the most visited places in the world is India. Its popularity is well documented across various social networking platforms such as Instagram where a person can see stunning travel pictures of this beautiful, diverse and culturally rich land. So, if you are planning on visiting a specific part of India, then the Instagram Travel Accounts mentioned below are a must see.

Indian Instagram travel accounts


The account is one of the most compelling travel-related accounts on Instagram and will make you want to pause your mundane daily activities and take a retreat at the mountains. The pictures seen on the feed reflect serenity and a happy-go-lucky spirit. Mishti puts her perspective across through her lens and her pictures showcase images meeting art.


Zaid Salman is a very passionate traveler and keen observer. The little intricacies and storytelling pictures literally speak a thousand words. Going through his feed gives you a glimpse into the heart of every city he has ever been in and offers his view of what each destination is like. You will resort to checking out his pictures, time and time again.


Are you a stargazer? The budding astronomer in you is sure to find fulfillment in the breathtaking stills of the night sky captured by a very talented photographer, Abhinav Singhai. He not only takes snaps of celestial bodies but of high peaking mountains and swiftly flowing rivers as well. So, there is something in his feed for everyone.


Are you into lush expanses of greenery and snow covered hills? This account is definitely for you. If you take a look at some of the pictures on this account, you shall get an idea of Abhinav Chandel’s preference for open spaces and his profound love for sceneries. Look into his feed, and you shall also appreciate his poetic descriptions of the destinations.


The account is a niche travel account and explores the Himalayas to the hilt. If you are one of those people who are obsessed with the Himalayas and want to get familiar with every aspect of it, then Neha Ralli captures the everlasting beauty of the Himalayas just the way it is.


Shailja is one of those rare people who tread on the road less traveled. If you want to see pictures of metropolitan cities, then her account is not about it. Her lens captures images of places which are relatively obscure. She has visited over 50 cities and 28 countries. So, she is truly a globetrotter. Her feed is vibrant and brimming with life and serves as a window to the world.

The people and Instagram mentioned above capture the true essence of India and are committed to their passion. So, follow them, and you shall not be disappointed.

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