Let us beat DillikiSardi with these best winter foods!!!

Let us beat DillikiSardi with these best winter foods!!!
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So, winters are here, and we cannot fight against winters with just wearing warm clothes. But food along with woollies could be a good winter warmer. We all know that diet plays an important role in keeping us healthy and strong.

And, it is important for us to our body its warmth it deserves, else we will end up spending the cold breeze in bed. Our metabolism also lowers down in winters due to falling in temperature in order to keep our body warm.

But fret not my friends, we at Gossip ki Galliyan have got you a list of best Winter foods that will keep you warm and cozy in winters.

Can’t wait to beat this DillikiSardi?

Scroll down guys and check out the list of best winter food in India!

# Jaggery

best winter foods

It is traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar. The benefits of jaggery have been known for a long time. It is one of the best winter foods that you must add in your diet to keep your body warm. It is better than sugar as it has a number of vitamins and minerals. It can also help you curing asthma, cold, migraine, ingestion.

# Amla

best winter foods

Also, known as Indian gooseberry. One of the best sources of vitamin C. Its qualities are, it is good for the liver, controls acidity, skin, hair and also helps you manage your cholesterol levels. You can make healthy Indian recipes like fresh amla chutney or you can cook amla in sugar syrup.

# Honey

best winter foods

Intake of honey helps you keep your body warm as it is warm in nature. Honey helps you keep cold, cough at bay. It also helps to your immune system strong. Honey with hot water every morning will keep you warm and will also help you loose weight.

# Ginger

best winter foods

Ginger has its own medical benefits. It contains antioxidants that help you build strong immune if taken daily in small quantities. It helps keep your body warm, and its other benefits are that it keeps cough and cold away, reduces acidity and aids digestion.

# Sesame seeds

best winter foods

It is one of the best winter foods in India, loved by one and all in its various forms.

Tilladdoo, chikkis, and gajaks are some of the healthy winter recipes made from sesame seeds. These sweets are the love of everyone in winter. But its other benefits are it helps you cure any respiratory diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma.

# Ghee

best winter foods

Who said ghee is not healthy? it is the most easily digestible fat and is rich with antioxidants. Ghee is good for skin and hair. Also, aids in digestion prevent constipation. It also helps you increase your immunity.

So, how about indulging in some healthy winter recipes that are best eaten with a dollop of ghee?

# Tulsi

best winter foods

Tulsi has medicinal properties that we also are aware of. It is rich in vitamin c, A and zinc which helps the body to fight the common cold, sinus and other respiratory disorders. You must have raw tulsi every day to boost up your immunity.

And, nothing like a cup of freshly brewed tulsi tea in the morning!

# Pepper

best winter foods

Besides keeping our body warm, it has anti-oxidant. and anti-bacterial properties. Consuming pepper will keep you away from cold and cough.

A lot of delectable winter season food a be made with the help of freshly ground pepper-like soups, pasta, scrambled egg and a lot more.

So, try out these best winter foods and the healthy winter recipes to protect your body from the chilling winters of Delhi.

This winter season food mentioned in the blog can help your body stay warm naturally than the best of the branded body warmers advertised in today’s times.


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