Best Zumba Classes in Delhi NCR that you need to check out now!

Best Zumba Classes in Delhi NCR that you need to check out now!
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Zumba is totally in! Whatever be your age, gender doesn’t matter, there is a Zumba class for one and all. Zumba fitness has become a hot choice because it has transformed the tedious exercise routines into fun workouts. You can have loads of fun while you are sweating it out and also make a lot of friends and step out feeling rejuvenated. So, without rambling further, lets get to the point and check out the best Zumba classes in Delhi/ NCR.

1. Moving Souls

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You can expect the best fitness regime by resorting to Moving Souls. It is founded byRavi Rastogi who is a renowned Broadway Dance Center-trained dancer-choreographer. They have some of the best instructors to vouch for who hold international certifications. With aerobics, Zumba, they also offer Aqua Zumba which is a low intensity version. Their Zumba routines are bound to infuse the love for music, fitness and some great moves even if you have two left feet!

Where: 21 Avenue, G Block Young Women’s Association (near PVR Cinema, Saket, Delhi

2. Soul to Sole

Where: B-64, Greater Kailash, New Delhi and 5803, Aster Avenue, DLF 4, Gurgaon

It is one of the Delhi NCR’s top fitness and dance hubs. They have options of more than 80 workout sessions. You will not just find yourself fit and in good shape, but the place promises to transform your lives. They have classes running all through the day and the team promises to make your body do all possible wonders that you yourself might not be aware of.

Where: B-64, Greater Kailash, New Delhi and 5803, Aster Avenue, DLF 4, Gurgaon

3. Delhi Dance Academy

Delhi Dance Academy is one of the oldest Zumba class that can offer you fun workouts at reasonable prices and that too in a sophisticated ambience. Their in-house choreographers hold a great experience of working with reputed organizations in the past. Delhi Dance Academy also hosts special training sessions, workshops and even flash mobs, to never let you get bored and offer you the best fitness regime.

Where: E238, 239, Kalka Devi Marg, Block E, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi

4. Dansync

Dansync not just claims fun workouts but also promises that every class will seem like a party!

It was started by two passionate individuals for whom dancing was everything. They believe in letting loose and let the body groove to the tunes as per the natural instinct. So,forget the technicalities, join this Zumba fitness class for a fun routine in a guided and peppy ambience. You will come out feeling energetic after every session.

Where: C-34, Block C, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi

5. Studio XD

Studio XD is one of the best Zumba classes in Delhi NCR. The Zumba trainer has an extensive experience and promises you to shake off your worries by indulging in fun workout. Located at a very approachable location, this studio can offer you a lot of fun along with a good shape and great health.

Resort to these best Zumba classes in Delhi NCR to access an amazing ambience, with a great training from experienced tutors to groove and get those curves!