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On the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ we saw three evictions, Kriti, Roshni and Nirmal, and a wildcard entry of Surbhi Rana. This wildcard entry is turning out to be too wild for housemates to handle. Since the time she has entered the house, she has been the centre of all the chaos.

Salman had been repeatedly mentioning that the audience does not like what they are watching. The Masala was missing from Big Boss 12, which was affecting their TRP hence; they brought it in as Surbhi Rana.

Surbhi is giving a huge competition to Saba and Somi when it comes to getting into unnecessary fights and has completely replaced them as the new stronger, bad-ass villain of the house. Although she is bringing the Roadies vibes into the house of Big Boss, from abusing to getting in fights with everyone, from threating Sreesanth to meet outside the BB house to breaking down and crying after every fight. She is adding Tadka to the show. Surbhi this is a family show so if you feel like an urge to speak out words which start with ‘Maa’ or ‘Behen’; kindly shut up!

surbhi and saba gkg

Jasleen choosing her clothes and make-up over her Anup Ji has raised questions and planted doubts in the minds of audiences and housemates about their relationship. Anup Ji might have a mini heart attack, oh we meant heartbreak! Is it what true love looks like? We mean are you guys really sure that you are a couple? We remember the controversial couple from Big Boss Season 11, Puneet and Bandagi, where Bandagi did not hesitate even for a second to give up her make-up and clothes for Puneet. Surprisingly, the couple we claimed to be together for the TRP (Puneet and Bandagi) showed more love than our infamous love birds, Anup Jalota and Jasleen.

jasleen and anup gkg

We saw Karanvir and Romil come face-to-face and chest-to-chest during the volcano task and later Surbhi and Somi repeated the drill. Well, Girls! Face-to-face and chest-to-chest, were you thinking ‘why should boys have all the fun?’ Surbhi and Romil have become the new captains of the house and are safe from nominations this week. Congratulation! But we don’t think Romil is safe with Surbhi. Captaincy will only protect them for one week. We feel sorry for you buddy!  We don’t know if Surbhi will make any friends in this house but she sure has made some enemies.

karanvir big boss 12

The biggest turn of events was Sreesanth, Karanvir and Neha nominating themselves for the jail and in return, Big Boss not only sentenced them to jail but also nominated them for evictions. What were you thinking guys? You are not in a game ‘who is the most Mahan?’ It’s Big Boss, get wild or go home!

But this week had been a fun week, negative but fun. Amongst all the fighting and abusing and planning and plotting, we are sure the TRPs are high again.  Big Boss Khush Hua!

So this was Weekend Ka War with Gossip Ki Galliyan! What do you guys think: Are the housemates going to boycott Surbhi? Will Sreesanth stop being a baby and quit crying in washrooms and will finally start playing his game? After their fight, makeup, and date, what else the lovebirds have in store for us? Who do you think will be the target for Salman’s bashing? Stay tuned and keep watching Big Boss and subscribe to our Weekend Ka War.


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