Bindaas leader Kolinda President of Croatia and why the world loves her!

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Congratulations to France for one of the best victories of the decade! This time they did it with a lot of class, elegance and strength. They were aggressive from the get-go and took advantage of a lot of the gaps that were left behind by Croatia. Talking about Croatia, the president of Croatia – Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic – was the real star of the cup. She’s warm, loving and one of the happiest people on the field that day. Croatia came this far because of the love and support that she gave to the people.

Who would have ever thought that Croatia would become a true contender for the title? They battled it out beating out some of the best teams in the tournament, and they became victorious through hard work and dedication. Their president was with them through thick and thin, and she gave them all the support needed to reach this level.

Analysts are calling this a great PR win for the country of Croatia. They could have been political about the game and been stoic about the loss. However, President Kolinda came out to the field and thanked everyone for coming to the game. She was also the shining star of the game as she greeted everyone with big smiles and a warm heart. This is truly a great sign of a female president can mean for a successful nation.

Not only is Kolinda the first female president of Croatia, she’s also the youngest in their history. She’s also very well educated and has been working in Government for a long time now. She got her master’s degree in International relations from Faculty of Political Science at University of Zagreb, and spent some time in US as well. What makes her even cooler is that she’s pro-abortion and LGBTQ rights! She’s even an avid supporter of climate change and signed the Paris agreement to start becoming eco-friendlier.

Her own daughter is one of the most successful athletes in the country. She’s 17 years old and a national junior figure skating champion. Clearly, sports run in their DNA and she’s a proud mom of a happy daughter.

If there’s one word to describe her – it would be Bindaas! She’s a Bindaas mom and a leader that does things the right way. She doesn’t care about what America might think of her stance or how her political enemies might use Croatia’s loss against her. All she cares about is how to get the best out of her people and enjoy the matches as they unfold. This makes it very clear – if you have a supportive female figure in your life, then you can do anything you put your mind to.

She’s really patriotic, as she wears the chequered pattern of her country in most political meetings. She’s also determined to find out what’s best for her country. She’s married to an ex presidential nominee and she’s balanced home life with gubernatorial life as well.

What’s really interesting – and this is something that all Indian moms can vibe with – is that she’s highly religious but highly liberal at the same time. She’s a staunch Roman Catholic and believes in the word of God, but she’s pro-women’s rights and quite liberal in her policies. This is something BIG that our own conservative society can learn from. She’s becoming a world-influencer and is spreading the message of positivity and change through her actions.

All of this and much more are why we absolutely love Kolinda! Hvala lijepa Kolinda!

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