Check out this spectacular pink beach in Bali – the Beach bums’ paradise!

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If you feel that you are entitled to be called as a beach bum, then you must not miss this splendid pink beach in Bali. It is one of the most exotic places in Bali and visiting this place is nothing less than Nirvana for any beach lover.

Have you ever heard of something like the pink beach before? The pink beach in Bali, Indonesia is very much real and is located on the Komodo island.

Read along to put a screeching halt to your escalating curiosity about this heavenly seaside destination, which is truly a wonder of nature!


If you happen to be in Bali, this pink beach on Komodo island which is also known by the name ‘Pantai Merah’ deserves a visit without a doubt. The fun fact is that there is not just one, instead 7 pink beaches on this planet and the one in Bali is one of them.

Now that we have created so much hype about the beach being pink, you might be wondering “how does the beach get its pink color?”

So, the striking hue comes from Foraminifera which are microscopic animals and they produce this red tint on the coral reefs. Thereby, in the local dialect in Indonesia, it is popularly known as ‘Red Beach’. When the tiny fragments of red coral blend with the white sands, it produces the soft pink hue which is clearly visible along the shoreline.

This beachside vacation spot is located on the west of Flores island in East Nusa Tenggara. Also, this island is the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon, which is famed as the largest living lizard.

When you visit the place, immerse yourself in the panoramic views of turquoise seas, blue skies, rolling hills, and fascinatingly pink sands. Apart from basking in the pleasure of this picture-perfect scenery, Komodo island is not short of exciting activities to participate in.

Take a dip in the pristine waters and discover the marine beauty that this Pink Beach has to offer. The corals of this beach’s underwater gardens are in outstanding condition, with hundreds of species of both soft and hard corals, and thousands of fish species.


This beach is a terrific choice for snorkelers.  Even the beginner divers have a reason to rejoice as the shallow waters are home to plenty of species to keep you more than entertained.

You can relax on the mystical sands and get a bronzed look. If relaxing is not your thing, join in with the several offered water sports like kayaking or just having a relaxing swim. And, if you are carrying your DSLRs, then make sure it is charged to its fullest, as the stunning natural beauty is bound to consume its capacity. Also, make sure you stick around till sunset, as the view is mesmerizing.

While you are busy satiating your wanderlust, remember that this is an uninhabited island, and is the natural habitat of the Komodo Dragon. If you happened to see the creatures roaming the coast or in the water, make sure you keep a distance! They could be possibly dangerous to people, so it is recommended to visit this beach with the help of an experienced guide or ranger.

So, if beachside vacation is all on your mind, why not head to this amazing pink beach in Bali!

This trip will just be perfect for your Insta story. What say???