Choose a getaway according to your zodiac sign!!!

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Are you guys planning for a vacation, but not able to decide where exactly to go?

With Delhi becoming a live smoke bomb, this is the best time for escaping to some rejuvenating locale to cleanse your mind and most importantly your lungs!!!

So, this time, instead of opting for whatever is the cheapest, how about choosing a getaway based on your zodiac sign?

Yes, it is very much possible and makes a lot of sense. After all, your vacation should be compatible with your personality!

So, with this thought, our team at Gossip ki Galliyan has got you the perfect vacations plans, compatible for each Zodiac sign



Aries are adrenaline junkies who thrive on daring activities!

They can’t sit in one place. They feel energized by the excitement of activity and would love to get all of their energy out on vacation. They love road trips, camping, hiking.

So Arians, look out for places where you can have a blast!



Taurus needs to be treated with royalty!

They want to experience the best in life. They love music festivals, chic hotels, and most importantly good food. But they don’t go beyond their budget!

If they fall in love with a place, then they are most likely to visit it again.

Taurians would appreciate the warmth and royal culture of any place in Rajasthan. So how about planning a trip to Jaipur or Jaisalmer or Jodhpur?



Gemini people are more into learning and experiencing new and different things. They love to go from one place to another. They are a bit unpredictable.

They also love adventure and are more likely to make plans on the spot.

With vast options of experiences, hustle of cities like Mumbai, New York City, Tokyo, Las-Vegas will be a perfect choice for them.



Cancer peeps won’t come out of their cozy nests!

They enjoy traveling with their loved ones. They need a vacation that allows them to feel calm.

They like spending time on beaches, lake or they will love water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, boat rides, and many other different ways.



Leos are capable of taking their energy levels to a new level. They want to feel vibrant and satisfied when they are out on a vacation.

They crave for their vacay to be adventurous.

Also, they love partying and socializing.

So how about Goa or if planning to go out of India, how about Australia?



Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and are overthinker. They plan their vacations perfectly and love to go on vacation with their special one. They love adventures sports like sky diving, rock climbing, Skiing. You will enjoy if you are going on a vacation with a Virgo.



Librans tend to feel isolated in new places, so it is important for them to go to a place which is socially connected.

In India, there are a lot of places where the social culture is amazing like in Rajasthan or even the south like Kerala and several other places in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

And not to miss, they will have an amorous time in Paris (the city of love!).




They love traveling alone. Their idea of a great vacation is to chill out by themselves!

They believe that vacation is where they can engage their body and soul in the process and want to go to a place where they can experience complete renewal.

They enjoy private retreats, rivers, remote locations where there can savor aplenty of alone time.



Sagittarius loves traveling and is the ultimate travelers.

They love to explore the world. They love partying, exploring unfamiliar territories, national parks and things alike.

Also, they appreciate unplanned adventures.


This sign represents responsibility and these people are kind of serious.

So, sometimes it becomes difficult to convince a Capricorn to plan a vacation. But if they plan a vacay, they want it to be as enriching as possible.

They want to have a lifetime experience if they are on a vacation. They will love mountain views, museums and other historical places.


Aquarius people have strong attractive personalities. And, they are always one step ahead in planning a trip!

They have a huge list of places they would want to visit. This zodiac sign finds everything interesting. They can’t travel alone, they prefer traveling with others and like to explore new cities and towns.




Pisceans are spiritually focused, extremely kind and are compassionate souls. They are endlessly artistic.

They enjoy their own company and don’t need others to help them have a good time.

If they feel like doing any activity on a vacation then Kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling will be a great choice.

If you haven’t ever had a vacation according to your zodiac sign, this is the time to try it out. It’s an amazing concept and you won’t regret falling for it. You can plan a great vacation by referring to our suggestions that are undoubtedly in tandem with your personality.

Happy vacation!


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