Loves Me? Loves me not? – A quick guide to the classicaltraits showcased by the zodiac signs

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In movies they say ‘Ek tarfa pyaar ki taakat kuch aur hi hoti hai’ which implies that one sided love is a very powerful emotion. Blah blah… But in real life nobody would like to get an inch closer to a heart break. Refer to our quick guide on the traits of various zodiac signs to get an indication if the person you are drooling over loves you back or not!

# Aries

Aries zodiac signs are crystal clear. No deviousness involved! If they love you, it will be written all over their face. They wont shy away from pouring their heart out, so you ought to know if they love you.

# Taurus

Taurus Profile

Ahem!! Don’t nudge a Taurus zodiac signs too much. They are too much picky. If they like you, they will approach you very subtly with a shy smile or a conscious hand on your arm and stuff alike.

# Gemini

Gemini Profile

They are like a crazy cipher and will bring you at your wits end. They will act in a completely opposite way to what they intend. They will hold a secret crush on you but behave exactly opposite by throwing tantrums or whims.

# Cancer

Cancer Profile

Alluring the Cancerian zodiac signs crab to get out of their shell can be a tough task. Cancerians are demure and the enigmatic kind. Try this natty trick.Give a lot of attention to someone they hang out with. Making them crabby is a plausible solution. After all they would not like to lose you.

# Leo

Leo Profile

Leos zodiac signs are the ‘kings’ in true sense and they wont shy away from expressing if you are their love interest. They will go an extra mile to woo you and treat you with a lot of lavishness. Expect a lot more but nothing less if you are eyeing a Leo.

# Virgo

Virgo Profile

Virgos zodiac signs have an innate nature of unraveling the wire! A nifty trick is to share your problem with them and watch out for their response. They won’t hesitate from holding your hand and hauling you out of your problem if they feel special about you.

# Libra

zodiac signs

They are the toppers of the flirtation art school. If they like you, just sit back and relax. They will do every bit to make you aware of their feelings for you.

# Scorpio

zodiac signs

Scorpios zodiac signs too make a mind-boggling cipher. To crack this cipher, you too pull over a façade of mystery, to the extent you drive them crazy to blurt out their hidden feelings if there are any!

# Sagittarius

zodiac signs

If a Sagittarian loves you, their every cell would scream about it. They would leave no stone unturned to profess their love to you. They will go head over heels and that is something which just can’t go unnoticed.

# Capricorn

zodiac signs

Capricorns zodiac signs would maintain the perfect poise and composure. Do not expect too much sauce or a banter. Instead expect a lot of chivalry and get treated as if their world revolves around you. If this is how it is, be rest assured.

# Aquarius

zodiac signs

Aquarians zodiac signs believe in taking a chill pill! They would always put on the analytical glasses and perceive the world likewise. So, if they are being a little flappy or touchyoff late, you have got them!

# Pisces

zodiac signs

Pisces are the classical romantic species zodiac signs. If they are eyeing on you, expect the cliched gestures like blushing, dreamy and catchy lines, calling you for sweet nothings and complimenting you for every little thing. However, cliched, sweet indeed!


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