Here’s How You Can Stop Being Clingy in Your Relationship

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Are you one of those who are always in touch with their partners? You always want to be beside them, and when they are away, you make it a point to be connected through texts and calls. Although you might be very much in love and your intentions are pure but at times, these traits might make you look desperate and very needy. You might end up losing your value in your partner’s life and be taken as a nagging and Clingy in Your Relationship. You need to stop being so dependent all the time and trust me, you don’t have to keep checking on them every minute, and they can be fine on their own. Here are some ways in which you can be self-sufficient and keep all your clinginess at bay:

# Give Your Phone a Break

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Clingy in Your Relationship partners can just not keep their hands off their phones. They will keep sending pictures, video calling and keep their conversations endless. It’s ok to miss your partner when they are gone but you need to get used to enjoying your company. she/he doesn’t need to know when you are wearing what, what you had for lunch or why your distant aunt is angry. Stop distracting, annoying and bombarding them. Because of your calls, they may actually miss out on something more important and urgent. Don’t make yourself so available that they get tired of your omnipresence. Let them focus on their work and you too, keep down your phone and focus on your own self.

# Work on Your Self Esteem

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Although it would be a bit of a challenge at first, but you really need to learn accomplishing things all on your own. Seriously, you are old enough to deal with life without having anyone by your side. Just because you have a partner at the moment to take care of Clingy in Your Relationship, it doesn’t mean they are going to be there forever. Don’t make anyone your need because when you are alone, it would be a problem to do even the simplest of things.

Being Clingy in Your Relationship may make you feel that you are not good enough on your own and you’re yet to be mature. However, as you start taking things in your hands, you’ll realize that it’s actually satisfying and fun to get various chores done. If you work on your self-esteem, confidence and are more self-sufficient, life will be easier, happier and of course, you will be less clingy.

# Develop Your Hobbies

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You often get Clingy in Your Relationship in a relationship when you don’t really have any hobbies and interests. So, you spend all your time with your lover and neither they nor you get any free time for yourself. You need to discover your talents and hobbies and make your own passions a priority. Indulge in activities that bring you joy and peace of mind. This will also help to find your own path which may be different from that of your partner. Join a book club, learn swimming, go for gardening, and chase that dream you have had since a long time. Make your life so interesting that you have something motivating to wake up to every single morning. Go solo, because Y.O.L.O.!

# Give Up on Jealousy

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We all know that it’s very common to feel possessive and jealous when you’re in a relationship. However, clingy and needy partners take it to a different level altogether and end up bringing in toxicity and negativity in their relationship Clingy in Your Relationship. If you’re constantly spying on your partner, blaming him/her for cheating on you, questioning their loyalty, and so on, you would actually be driving your partner away Clingy in Your Relationship.

 If you are thinking to text your partner 24/7 so that s/he doesn’t get time to text that good-looking coworker, or you insist on hanging out together all day, so that no other person can set their eyes on your significant other, STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Let the poor lover breathe. If you have severe trust issues then you probably should not be together in the first place Clingy in Your Relationship. Nobody wants a suspicious, envious and mistrusting soul in their lives. Try to sort things out, work through your jealous emotions and start trusting your partner more. This way, you will be less clingy and more understanding. That’s what a healthy relationship demands of.

# Give Your Partner Some Space

How to Stop Being Clingy In A Relationship

Many people who are struggling with being too clingy, absolutely despise the idea of their partner doing something without them. Be it going for shopping with their gal pals or just chugging beer with their bros at the club, such things don’t really go down well with people who are too needy. They want their partners to devote all their time to them and not have a life outside of the relationship Clingy in Your Relationship.  However, it is very important for the success and health of a relationship that your significant other gets a chance to enjoy life some times without having you around them. Let them have a girls’ night out; let them go golfing with their high school buddies. By not letting your clingy nature take the better of you, you are letting your partner know that you are confident and secure in the relationship and have your priorities sorted.

Now that you know what to do, start working on your issues and come out as a better person, for your partner and more importantly, for yourself. The choice is yours- either give up on your Clingy in Your Relationship nature or watch your relationship go down the drain.