Consider taking a ‘break’ rather than a ‘breakup’

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Breakup suck a big time! But a break in a relationship might not be that bad.  All relationships have to go through crests and troughs. But if at a point, you feel that you have spent a lot of time in the nadir of your relation, then instead of calling it quits, a tiny break could be an intermediate solution.  Going on a break has many unwritten rules and it is better to consider them if you don’t want your relationship to go astray!

# Infidelity is a strict no no!

Breakup can prove to be of great help to your dooming relationship, but it is completely unethical to take an advantage of it in a wrong way. If you are just bored with your partner and under the pretext of breakup, you are indulging in a fling or a one-night stand, it is completely uncalled for.  Don’t expect any forgiveness! Your partner might choose to go really hard on you. In such cases it is better to call quits rather than opting for hypocrisy!

# Have a complete blackout

LocationSharing Is Caring When You're in a Relationship

If one of the partners is not clear about where the relationship is heading or ifhe/ she even wants to be a part of it, take a break! But have a complete blackout. Mutually decide to give a complete space and freedom to live their own life. Do not poke, call or text. Do not stalk or keep checking their status. Dating is allowed or not can be talked about mutually before taking a breakup. This off time should be utilized properly to discover your true self as well as to discover the nuances of being together.

# Don’t go an indefinite break!

Decide on the time frame of your break period and keep a count of it. Don’t keep on procrastinating your break time and keep avoiding your partner. It will be futile. You will get stuck in a limbo and never reach any conclusion if you keep on running away from a decision. Utilize every bit of your breakup time to figure out where this relation stands for you. Try to gauge all the positives and negatives you are experiencing while you are away. And decide on which feeling eventually overpowers you; whether you want to call it quits or you want to plunge deeper!

# Break can be a prelude to a break up

A sudden breakup might just crush your heart and dig you deep in a pool of negative emotions. It could be a world collapsing situation for a few. If you are looking for a breakup or in two minds and yet not want to hurt your partner with a sudden jolt, choose a ‘break’ over a ‘break up’. This has two advantages, you can buy some time for some serious thought and return feeling rejuvenated and value your relationship even more. If you are firm on breaking up, this will give your partner some time to acclimatize to this new life of not having you around and save him/ her from a sudden heart breakup. Your partner might really appreciate this gesture later and the two of you could even choose to remain friends!


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