A Couple In Gujarat Got Married As An Election Campaign For BJP 2019 Elections!

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Election Campaign For BJP 2019 ‘Vote For Modi’…Oh, we are not saying it but this viral wedding card is!

Remember when Ranveer and Deepika imposed strict no gift policy and requested their guests to donate, yeah that was a ‘sweet gesture’. This one couple in Gujarat also asked their guests to ditch the gifts but instead ‘vote for Modi’, well looking at how Congress is giving BJP a tough competition it’s a charity too.

Someone posted a photo of this wedding card that requests the guests to vote for Modi as a wedding gift for the couple. Election Campaign For BJP 2019



Now what we are wondering is:

‘Isme Kya BJP ka hath hai?’



But we do have a suggestion for our Prime Minister, Modi Ji, kindly sponsor their honeymoon as this couple really did go to great lengths to get votes for you! I mean they got married, now that’s huge!



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