Your body is crying for Vitamin D- 8 signs!

Vitamin D deficiency has become as common as cough and cold. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which is mainly obtained from Sun’s raysand some food supplements. It is essential for better calcium absorption in the body for strengthening of bones and for improving our immunity system. Watch for these 8 signs which indicates your body is crying for Vitamin D!

Persistent weakness

Vitamin D

You might attribute your weakness or fatigue to your busy day at work or long travel hours and so on. But even Vitamin D deficiency could be a factor which should be considered. Several deficient patients have shown a significant improvement in fatigue after getting it treated.

Weak immune system

Vitamin D

Do you often fall sick? Do you catch viral infections faster than normal? Its time to get your Vit D levels checked. Catch up on a lot of sunlight if you have a sedentary job and spend most time in AC environment.

Delayed wound healing

Vitamin D

A slow wound healing is usually attributed to diabetes. Several cases have shown that adding Vitamin D supplements to the diet of diabetic patients expedited the healing of wounds and even reduced the causes of wounds. Vit D helps in stabilizing blood glucose and cholesterol levels significantly as per a research study.

Head Sweating

Vitamin D

If you head sweats a lot as compared to rest of your body, then it must not be ignored!

This could be possibly because your body is short of Vitamin D and you must consult your doctor for the same.

Continual anxiety or depression

Vitamin D

It is surprising but true that Vitamin D can affect our brain too. After the vitamin issynthesized in our skin after sun exposure or through food or supplements, it releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin which influence our brain functioning. As per the reports, vitamin D deficiency can lead to anxiety, depression and several other mental illnesses.

Hair loss

Vitamin D

There are multiple reasons for hair loss and lack of Vitamin D is also one among them. Shortage of Vitamin D disrupts the hair cycle resulting in hair thinning, breakage and a considerable loss. It supplement is often a part of hair loss treatment as it targets the hair roots which is an integral part to promote hair growth.

Bone pain

Vitamin D

It plays a key role in absorption of calcium in our body. Lack of this vitamin restricts the body’s ability of introducing calcium in our bone tissue. If its further neglected, can lead to various musculoskeletal pains, tibial bone pain and tenderness and even osteoporosis. Whenever a patient suffers from bone pain or fractures, along with calcium, a proper dosage of it is mandatory as recommended by the doctor.

Muscle pain

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can affect our muscles as well. Vitamin D deficiency have reported to cause muscle pain, reduced muscle mass and inferior muscle recovery after an intense physical activity. Low levels of this vitamin can also result in fibromyalgia which causes chronic widespread pain in the body.


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