Decoding looks from upcoming movies or the ones which make a fashion statement…ex- veere di wedding

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It’s 2018, and everyone’s going gaga about the fashion and looks of celebrities in various movies. We’ve had some stunners this year with Kareena Kapoor’s looks in Veere Di Wedding, and Jacqueline Dsouza’s look in Race 3. No one would have expected these famous celebs to rock it like they did this year. Fashion is taking a bold step forward with more complex designs and experiments to change the way we view movies.

It’s not only the women that are taking bold leaps, the men are too. Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 2, and Varun Dhawan in October both made significant fashion statements – although left simplistic and ironed out. There was even the handsome and classic look of Akshay Kumar in the movie Gold that’s out to be released some time soon. He looks like he’s the leading man that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Everyone’s putting more emphasis on capturing that perfect look, with many stars taking that first leap into stardom in fashion.

Race 3 – Salman, Jacqueline, and Anil Kapoor
Race 3 was definitely one fashionable movie. The plot and the acting may have been sub-par, but everyone looked amazing in the film. The suave sophisticated look of Anil Kapoor matched well with the macho uber-cool formals of Salman. Salman’s frame was also highlighted well in the movie, with a lot of well-fitted darker shades. Since he was supposed to be the dark horse in the movie, his styling was shown to be highly sophisticated and smart.

Anil Kapoor was the debonair in the group, showing off his class and opulence. His approach to business deals, negotiations and work was to be as vibrant as possible. This lead a lot of the styling to be around velvet, pearl and gold. The combination worked well as he was looking like a more sophisticated James Bond in the film.

Jacky looked sexy and spectacular in the whole film. Her styling was fun casual and elegant. She had the bold moves of a fighter and a dancer. That’s why her whole wardrobe was filled with action-oriented colours and flexible materials. They’re perfect to go out on the town with and keep them on the next day for an extended party. Jacky pulled off the perfect skirty-flowry look in the day, and at night – bold red and black combinations.

Veere Di Wedding – Kareena, Sonam & Swara
While each character had a unique personality and trait, the actors had to be dolled up accordingly. Swara’s character was bold, free spirited and stubborn – which is why most of her outfits were chic, goth and designer combined. Lots of leopard prints and goth-blacks mixed with pinks to balance things out. Even when she went to a Puja or a function, she looked the part through and through.
Kareena’s role was more of an independent thinker, which is why her clothes were simplistic. But when it came time to shine for her wedding (spoilers), she was dolled up in designer clothes as well. Combinations of greens and lace adorned her elegant frame, with more emphasis being given to the work done on the dress.
Sonam was a divorce lawyer and a career-oriented woman, which is why she was wearing a mix of pinks and pearls with sophisticated coats and formal wear. She wanted to exude calm power, by wearing many different shades of neutral tones, and accessorize it with Gucci shoes and jewellery.

Padmaavat – Ranveer and Dipika
Not a day goes by when a girl in South Delhi doesn’t dream about becoming Dipika in Padmaavat. She looked absolutely stunning and her designer lehenga matched perfectly with her on-screen presence. She matched every event and every special moment in the movie with as much grace as she could – wearing some of the most extravagant saris ever. Her style statement was evergreen, with heavy jewellery – gold and diamonds – timeless and graceful. She was a true queen without having to say a single word.
Ranveer was the complete opposite of sophistication and showcase macho-heroism through his clothing choices. There were more open button clothing options, darker shades, and louder colours for Ranveer. He was also looking quite fashionable with his long beard and unmistakable smile. Guys, sometimes all you need is a clean-cut face and a great smile to accompany your look.