Delhiites, Get Ready for the Surajkund Mela This February

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February is a month of craftsmanship, conviviality and colour in Delhi. Every year, this month witnesses the start of a special festival, the oh-so-famous Surajkund Mela. This is the event where a cornucopia of music, crafts and art amalgamated with the cultural ethos of city takes shape before us. Known as the ‘largest crafts festival of the world’, the Surajkund Mela is regarded as a custodian of brilliant heritage crafts where the artists from all across the globe exhibit the rich and unique diversity of tradition handloom, handicrafts as well as cultural fabric. The mela becomes a melting pot of rich culture and heritage of every corner of the world.

A plethora of ‘chaupals’ and open-air theatres at the Mela will be serving as the stage for honorable national as well as international folk artists who will be enthralling the audience with their vibrant and soulful performances. First started in 1987, the festival has now transformed into an annual affair which has made a place on the international tourist calendar as well. More than a million tourists flock into the festival which makes it a super successful and memorable event.

Saving the fading traditions

Suraj Kund Mela
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The Mela is all about celebrating the rich and diverse cultural traditions of India that are slowly fading away because of the modern era’s cheap machine-made imitations. It offers a platform for the indigenous artists for displaying their dying traditions that include handicrafts, textiles, cuisines, architecture, and performance arts.

Every year, the festivities revolve around a distinct theme which celebrates the arts and crafts of a particular Indian state. The theme for this year’s Surajkund Mela is Maharashtra and the whole venue- from the entrance to the hosting grounds, have been decorated for emulating the culture of this Western state.

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From high-spirited amusement park to the thatched-roof stalls, all the aspects of Surajkund Mela are just breath-taking to say the least. Held in Surajkund, the Mela is like a short sojourn of the rich and diverse Indian states where there’s an abundant flourishing of art and traditions. Starting from February 1 and going on till February 15, it attracts people from all ages and walks of life. So, if you find yourself stuck in a rut, just visit the mela and have a gala time with your family, friends or even solo. Trust us, you’d not regret it!


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