Watch out for these elusive signs of depression!!!

The first step is to accept the problem and then working towards it. Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness are mere symptoms and not the reality of your life.
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Depression has become so common these days, that even kids are not spared! It is nothing a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and a loss of interest. Sometimes, feeling low is normal for everyone, but if one is having a recurrent feeling of hopelessness, loss of interest and despair then, it could be an onset of depression. Depression changes the way you feel, think and function. Depression, if not treated can affect the sense of well-being, behavior and thought of a person. A person can get bogged down with various negative feelings while suffering from depression such as embarrassment, anger, irritability, worthlessness, emptiness, anxiety, sorrow, and guilt.  Also, there are other symptoms like, some people tend to overreact, some lose their appetite, and some lose their interest in pleasurable activities. Other symptoms include difficulties to concentrate, experiencing digestive problems, excessive sleeping, insomnia, pain, decreased energy and fatigue.

Read along to find some of the elusive signs of depression!

You are in physical pain

Depression and pain somehow share the same pathway and go hand in hand. You might feel that you have severe stomachaches, backaches, headaches or just experience greater sensitivity to pain in general. Don’t neglect it if it is happening frequently and especially after you spat of anxiety! These are some of the indications of depression.

You become negative about everything

Your mind will start discerning that nobody is trying to understand your mental condition and that nobody even cares about your feelings. Even if you try to express your feelings, people seem to either not care or their reaction is just not what you hoped. And because of all these feelings, you stop sharing and express how you feel.

You are becoming adept at hiding feelings

Depression can teach you inadvertently to hide your feelings and act as if everything is normal and you are doing good when in reality, you are nowhere near to being fine! You try to show people that you are cheerful and upbeat, but inside you are struggling with the symptoms of anxiety and despair.

You can’t seem to stick to a sleep schedule

Depression can mess with sleep in multiple ways. Many people struggle with insomnia or either have trouble falling asleep. But depression can also have the opposite effect, with some sleeping excessively-all night and the whole day.

You are unable to focus on anything

When you are in depression you struggle really hard to concentrate. Even when you are doing things you are good at, you will not be able to focus on it. You are likewise unable to focus on one thing at a time because of the multiple thoughts thronging and distressing you.

You have stopped grooming

Even if grooming routine was modest, to begin with, it disappears when you are in depression. Neglecting your physical wellbeing and appearance becomes incessant when distress crosses limits.

You become short-tempered

You will constantly feel agitated, restless or even violent. Your tolerance level will reach an all-time low, and everything and everyone starts getting on your nerves. Little things will be more than enough to blow you up and subconscious stress will make you lose your temper on irrelevant things and mostly on people who are close to you, whom you take for granted.

These are some of the very common symptoms that we tend to neglect but are actually signs of lingering depression. Loneliness and isolation, lack of social support, stressful life experiences, alcohol or drug abuse, marital and relationship problems, health problems and chronic pain all are responsible for introducing this lethal demon in our life.

No matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better by realizing and accepting the causes of depression. The first step is to accept the problem and then working towards it. Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness are mere symptoms and not the reality of your life. Anxiety and despair can make you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But don’t lose hope, take help if needed from friends and even professionals, keep small goals and start working towards your wellbeing, you will arise as a victor! Good luck!!!


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