Egg diet plan- Does it work??? Is it safe???

Egg diet plan- Does it work??? Is it safe???
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A lot of diet plans like Keto diet, Paleo diet, Atkins diet and GM diet have garnered a lot of attention off late, as they expedite the process of losing weight. Especially with the younger generation, there is a lack of patience and they usually demand quick results. Lately, egg diet plan has outmoded all these diet plans and has reaped the desired results.

# What is egg diet plan?

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Does it mean that one needs to survive only on eggs? Well, not exactly. But eggs are the main source of proteins in your diet plan. So, basically when you follow the egg diet plan, you are put on a low calorie, low carb but high protein diet. There are several versions of egg diet plan and typically all the versions last for 14 days. Also, you mainly have your breakfast, lunch and dinner with no snacking and munching in between these meals.  You can’t have any beverages apart from water or zero calorie drinks, while you follow the diet.

# Egg diet meal plan: 

Typically, in egg diet plan, you start your day with a portion of eggs and can eat lean proteins during the rest of the day in small portions. Lean proteins include fish, chicken, turkey and eggs of course. You can also include a few fruits and vegetables in your diet plan like spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli and grapefruit. Consequently, eggs or any lean protein constitute a major potion of your diet. Some egg diet plans also allow you to include grapefruit or any low carb veggies mainly in your breakfast and dinner meals. The extreme egg diet proposes eating only hard-boiled eggs and water for all fourteen days. But this kind of a diet is completely imbalanced and not recommended.

A sample meal plan would look like:

Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs and one grapefruit, or a two-egg scrambled egg/ omelet with mushrooms and zucchini/ spinach

Lunch: Half roasted chicken breast and zucchini/ broccoli

Dinner: One serving of fish and some green salad


Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs and half grapefruit

Lunch: Half roasted chicken breast, broccoli/ zucchini, and half grapefruit

Dinner: One serving of fish and half grapefruit

# Is egg diet plan safe?

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None of the medical communities’ advocate losing weight in a jiffy by following some extreme diet plan. Egg diet plan includes an extremely low intake of carbs. Some people have reported a carbohydrate deficiency because of the egg diet and have felt difficult to exercise owing to the lack of energy. Also, at times body’s digestive system finds it difficult to adapt to a sudden high protein intake and lack of carbs. This can lead to nausea, constipation, flatulence and even bad breath. Also, a study has claimed that eating too many eggs can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases because egg yolk is nothing but the fat, nevertheless this theory is not yet proven. Since eggs do not comprise of any fiber, too much of egg diet can starve your healthy gut bacteria and affect your regular bowel movement adversely.

No doubt that egg diet has helped several people expedite their process of weight loss, but at the same time, most of these people have gained the same or rather more weight as soon as they switched back to their normal diet. Hence, following a strict and some abnormal diet for a period of time is not recommended by most of the medical practitioners. It is always good to follow a balanced diet plan throughout your life. A sensible diet plan along with a good amount of regular exercising can help one stay in the best of health for all their life without compromising much on the good food.