Facial Cupping 101: All that You Must Know About the Therapy

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With all the new trends and treatments popping up every other day, it is really hard to believe which one is authentic and which one’s just a gimmick. However, a recent treatment that has gained popularity is facial cupping. It is a suction-based facial treatment that has earned momentum for its anti-aging promises. In general, cupping is one of the ancient treatments of China and is known for its medicinal qualities. It was carried out to drain toxins from the body with the help of suction. Facial cupping is just a milder form of the suction that claims of rejuvenating the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Here is everything for facial cupping that you need to know:

  • Facial cupping is known for releasing the tension engulfed in the facial muscles, relaxing them, and making the skin plumper. On the days when your stress levels are at the peak, the meditative effects of facial cupping would be just what you’d need.
  • It claims of having anti-aging benefits. Your skin gets revitalized by the suction in such a way that the wrinkles and fine lines are all smoothened. It is also known for increasing the skin’s absorption capacities.
  • Facial cupping is cheap as once you become familiar with how to do it, you can easily buy the suction cups online and indulge in a spa treatment and therapy within the comfort of your home.

# How does facial cupping work?

Facial cupping is an easy three-step procedure. It is started by cleaning your skin using gentle sections. This is a crucial step as it is followed by the lubrication of the skin in the next step. Lubrication helps the suction cups in easily gliding on the skin, without hurting it. Facial cupping is essentially different from cupping on the other parts of your body. This is because the usual cupping is done by letting the suction cup be on the skin for around thirty minutes but on the other hand, the suction cups are constantly gliding in facial cupping.

For cupping the tricky areas of the face like around the eyes and your nose, small suction cups are employed while larger suction cups are used for forehead and cheeks.

# Things to keep in mind

  • One important thing to note is facial cupping just serves a temporary solution for wrinkles and fine lines. If you are in search of a more long-term solution for the signs of aging, this isn’t the one to go for. It serves a sort of spa conjunction with facial treatment and it makes you feel more relaxed and lighter after you are done with it.
  • It is highly recommended not to over-do with facial cupping. The dermatologists who aren’t really enthusiastic about this therapy have the claims that even though the wrinkles are decreased temporarily, the suction leads to the promotion of broken blood vessels and the skin elasticity gets negatively effected by the repeated motion effects.
  • Taking dermatologist advice before going about with the therapy is always a wise decision. The dermatologist will help you in knowing what would be best for your skin prior to your cupping appointment.
  • The best way to derive the most benefits from facial cupping is by saving it for the times of high stress and tension. Keep the short-term solution only for relaxing tense muscles.

So finally, now that you know all about facial cupping, use it wisely for best results and keep your face plump, happy and healthy.


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