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How a fake case by Jasleen Kaur against Sarvjeet Singh filed three years ago still makes every day a nightmare for the accused


While the whole world is supporting the cause of feminism, there are some who single handedly bring down the ideology of feminism, which is equality. The shocking truth is that sometimes these are women. Instead of advocating for equal right for men and women, they resort to male bashing and bringing down men to their own advantage. How are we ever going to move ahead in the feminism movement if we do not all stand together? 3 years back, a woman named Jasleen Kaur took to social media to defame a man called Sarvjeet Singh, who was reportedly harassing her. What happened next is something we all know.

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But do you know how one false accusation changed the accused’s life? This article is all about that. But before we get into Sarvjeet’s life, let us recap and see what had happened.

3 years back on August 23, a woman named Jasleen Kaur who was a student at St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, took to Facebook to share the picture of a man and accused him of passing lewd comments at her and even threatening her when she pulled out her phone to click his picture. In the post about the accused she wrote that he said “Jo kar sakti hai kar le. Complaint karke dikha, fir dekhiyo kya karta hun main”. (Do whatever you want, complain against me and then see what I will do to you).”

Within a few hours this post went viral and the police could easily trace down Sarvjeet Singh and he was arrested. But before he got arrested he presented to the world his side of the story. He introduced himself and said “I was at the red light near Aggarwal Sweets at Tilak Nagar from where I had to take a left turn. Ms Jasleen stopped me and others saying they’re helping control the traffic, and I said I am not jumping the red light, left turn is free, and if you want to jump the signal, it’s your wish. The next thing I see is she pulling out her phone and clicking photos of my bike and me and screaming “I’ll go to the cops tomorrow, you will know when they arrest you from your house.” He even said that, “I know girls encounter eve teasing a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can make false allegations about anyone.”


Needless to say, nobody paid heed to his appeal back then and he was widely termed as a pervert and harasser and what not. Media covered this event extensively and did not even bother to dig out the truth. While on the other hand, Jasleen became instantly famous. People  applauded her for standing up for justice. She received a cash reward of Rs. 5000 from the Delhi Police Commissioner and lots of  praises from Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for her bravery.

However, the very next day things changed for Jasleen when the Delhi Police interrogated an eyewitness. He clearly said that Sarvjeet was innocent and did nothing as the reports claimed. In fact, he even stated that Jasleen was the one to abuse and misbehave with Sarvjeet. After this, a lot of people who initially supported Jasleen, including Bollywood A-listers, switched sides and shamed Jasleen for her false allegations. People even called out Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for praising Jasleen without knowing the truth.

Amidst all this, Jasleen still stood her ground. She still had a lot of people by her side who were supporting her only because she was a woman. She rubbished the reports and dismissed the claims of the eyewitness, calling them false. She also said that the courts will decide who was wrong and who was right.

After fifteen months had passed since the incident, Sarvjeet had released a video on the platform The Voice Raiser, in which he said, “It’s not just about me now. It’s about all those men who are stuck in false cases, most of them bearing everything by themselves because there is no one to help them bring out the truth.” He also said, “It should not be about gender. If a man commits a crime, and a woman witness it, she should raise her voice. Same way, if a woman commits a crime, and a man witness it, he should stand against it. Women shouldn’t have the luxury to accuse men of sexual assault only because of their gender, to escape from the truth.”

Cut to the present day, 3 years have passed since the incident. Sarvjeet’s life has changed for the worse. His life has completely stopped and according to The Print, he has still not been able to find a single job because of his ‘bad’ reputation. He said, “Soon after the incident, the company I was working with asked me to leave. We used to produce labels for branded clothes and had international clients. My boss told me that the company’s name was being tainted as the news had spread to our international clients as well. I then took up a job at a marriage bureau that was paying me 40 per cent less than what I was earning earlier, but I had no option.”

Even in the next two jobs, he had to take frequent leaves to attend the court hearings and both the companies kicked off him out of the job. But that’s not all. The arguments of the case has still not begun even after three years as Jasleen has not attended any of the 13 court hearings that have taken place till now. Sarvjeet said, “Each time I go to the court for hearing, they call out my name, ask me to put my hand up and write down my name. They ask if the complainant has come. Because she is absent, another ate is given and the matter is dismissed. This has been happening for the past three years.”

Not just that, SArvjeet has to appear at the police station and take permission everytime he has to leave the city for some reason. Jasleen is pursuing her studies in Canada and that’s why she is unable to attend the hearings. At least that’s what her father says.

The saddest part is that there has still been no judgement on the case because the one to file the case has not appeared in the court ever. The world still does not know what actually happened that day. It should have been Jasleen’s duty to make timely appearances at the court to make sure the trial process started and there was a fast trial. While she is spending her life in Canada, what is happening to Sarvjeet heer is completely unfair and inhuman. We hope justice is served.



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