Are Anushka Sharma and Ayesha Dhawan Fighting Over Shikhar Dhawan?

fight between anushka and ayesha,
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A few days back Anushka Sharma was trolled for being in the official photo of Team India. Many called out to BCCI demanding answers and our trolls grabbed the opportunity to bash Anushka Sharma and make it trending news in a heartbeat. fight between anushka and ayesha,

At the launch of Sui Dhaga’s trailer, Anushka finally addressed the big elephant in the room. As Per Pinkvilla, she said: “About this, whoever had to make a clarification have already done.

This was trolling activity and I don’t react to trolls and give any attention to them. Whatever happened had happened within the guidelines and will always do so. Let’s not make a hue and cry about a topic of little substance.”

anushka sharma

Anushka had always been on the receiving end anytime Virat Kohli doesn’t perform well. She has more Cricket related controversies than Bollywood. It seems like Captain’s wife is the root of the problem in the team recently.

There are reports of a fight between Anushka Sharma and Ayesha Dhawan after the latter’s husband was dropped from the team for test matches against West Indies.

Ayesha Dhawan

Even after scoring double centuries, Shikhar Dhawan, who scored 342 runs in the recently-concluded Asia Cup, got an axe from the selectors.

According to the reports from Dainik Jagran, it has been cold between Anushka Sharma and Ayesha Dhawan since after the omission of Shikhar Dhawan.  The report also unveils that sometimes Anushka is present at the batsmen meetings, which is sure to raise many questions for our beloved captain.

fight between anushka and ayesha,

Although Ayesha denies having spoken to Anushka about her husband but it seems that most of the controversies in Indian Cricket team revolve around Anushka Sharma.


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