Fight Hunger with These Super Easy Exercises

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We have all been stuck in the situation where we are working on a project or attending a lecture and all of a sudden, we are hit by the crazy hunger pangs. While eating is the most obvious thing to do to kill hunger, what to do in times when you are very hungry but cannot really eat? Well, we have got you covered. Here are some super easy exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime and your hunger will be gone in minutes:

# Tree

Super Easy Exercises

Tree Pose You need to stand up for doing this. Stand up in a straight posture and rest your arms by the side. Now, raise one leg and then, position in against the inner thigh that corresponds the leg. Now, clasp your hands in a prayer motion and keep it that way while you switch your legs and keep doing the same thing on your opposite side.

# Frog Swaying on the Wave

Super Easy Exercises

This Super Easy Exercises needs you to lie down on your back. Keep your legs parallel to each other and lift them up slightly. Press a hand to your stomach and the other to your chest. Now, let your chest expand by your breathing. Do this before every meal as it helps in satisfying you with a little amount of food on your plate.

# Plow

Super Easy Exercises

For this Super Easy Exercises, lie on your back and let your body relax for a moment. Now, start lifting your legs straight upwards and let them move them over your head, attempting at touching the floor. Even if your feet don’t touch the floor, it’s alright. Just let them move as far as they can and then hold that position for few seconds.

# Breath of Frog

Super Easy Exercises

This easy Chinese Super Easy Exercises is believed to fight hunger even on those days when you haven’t eaten anything. For this, take support from a chair or table. Let your elbows lean on it. You can also lean against walls. Now, with a deep breath, suck in your tummy as much as you can. After holding the breath for 4-5 seconds, exhale and then relax your abdominal muscles. Do this exercise 10 times. This will make your hunger vanish within minutes.

# Half Boat

Super Easy Exercises

You need to sit down with your legs straightened for this Super Easy Exercises. Then, bend your legs at the knee and slightly raise them up. Now, reach out then hands straight just beside your legs and keep holding this position for some seconds. With the help of these easy-peasy Super Easy Exercises, you would not just keep hunger at bay but would also shed some weight if you do them repeatedly and regularly. Try these out today itself and fight away your cravings like no one’s business!


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