Fiji water girl wins Best Poser at Golden Globes 2019

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“I gave you possibly the most entertaining Sunday of 2019” That’s what Kelleth Cuthbert’s spoof Twitter account read just hours after the FIJI Water Girl at Golden Globes broke the internet. The 76th Golden Globes Awards could well hand her a prize in passing for the “Best Poser”! Planet Earth’s biggest Hollywood stars graced the red carpet on Sunday. The shutterbugs were snap-happy with Christian Bale, Meryl Streep, Idris Alba, Daniel Craig flashing their million-dollar smiles. Little did they know that they were being photobombed in one of the cutest ways in history!

Fiji Water Girl

Kelleth Cuthbert a.k.a Fiji Water Girl is a Canadian-born promotional model signed up by Wilhelmina. Fiji Water sponsored the Golden Globes this year. They enlisted the services of the Fiji Water Girl for doing out bottled water to thirsty guests. And truly, she went beyond the call of duty and posed with those hazel eyes. Jamie Lee Curtis, Camille Belle and Dakota Fanning – the Fiji water girl at the Golden Globes had everyone’s back!

Fiji Water Girl

PR stunt, ambush advertising et al. marketers would be scrambling to get their jargons in place. But one can’t help but notice the photogenic Kelleth Cuthbert in all those award photos. Each time the cameras clicked the Fiji Water Girl put on a crisp endearing smile. She had just made the job of handing out water bottles to guests a whole lot cooler! The Canada-born Cuthbert is an aspiring model and later spoke about having fun while on camera and even while “off” it! She just couldn’t resist smiling behind the gorgeous Amy Adams or the elegant Marin Hinkle!


CNN photobombed their own anchors while reporting the Fiji water girl at Golden Globes. And we later heard Fiji Water’s official Twitter handle raving about hydrating the best talent at Golden Globes. They quickly released a series of tweets featuring the Fiji water girl in quite fitting scenarios like the ones below.

And then Fiji water also tweeted earlier “We’re so glad everyone’s talking about our water. *Senses ominous presence*

She’s right behind us isn’t she?”


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