Best 6 Fitness Tips for the Beginners | A Beginner Guide

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Guys, are you getting intimidated by the six-packs shown on screen or the biceps of a colleague or a friend who works out regularly? And girls, have you been targeting those curves and flat tummy, but becoming an impossible dream off late? All of us dream of that perfect body shape and those striking curves, but the problem is beginning!!! We do not know where to start, how to start and then the eternal cycle of procrastination begins. So, don’t worry. Our team at Gossip ki Galliyan got your back, and we got some fitness tips and don’ts to help the beginners with their fitness journey.

1. Go Slow… But Steady

Go slow… But Steady

It is very difficult to get out of the couch, but once you get your ass moving, don’t overdo to an extent that you get dumped back to your couch because of some injury. So, dream big, but have a slow start. Let your body adapt to the change in your usual routine. Slowly and steadily you can increase the challenges in your routine.

2. Be Careful With Your Lifts

Most of the fitness pros will be lavish with their lifts. Don’t get tempted too soon to copy them and start with the heavy lifts. Instead, first, strengthen your muscles with the basic warm-up exercises and then proceed with lifting the minimum possible weights to train your muscles. Once your muscles can squeeze properly and bear the weight instead of your hips working to thrust the weight up, go for more weight.

3. Posture Matters

Posture Matters

Take care of your spine, a slight injury can cost you a lot. So, if you are not being trained professionals always make sure to keep your lower back a tad arched and your chest up. Your head and neck must be in a neutral position, no matter what kind of lift you are doing. A healthy spine typically stems from a strong core.  Your spine doesn’t have any support if your core is weak. So, remember to engage your core in any form of workout.

4. Finish Every Step

Finish Every Step

When you are a beginner, the obsession to stay fit and weight loss hovers so much that you neglect the crucial steps. While lifting, most people focus on the lift (concentric part) and forget all about the lowering (eccentric) part. But dropping the weight abruptly can be disastrous. So, lighten the weight if you are not able to control it while going down as controlled muscle movement is essential during the complete action.

5. Don’t Binge on Fast-Food

Don’t binge on fast-food

If you are seriously targeting weight loss, we are not recommending following a hard-core diet, but binging on crap is a strict no. One cheat day is okay, but you can’t cheat on all days and expect to stay fit. Make smarter choices, go for the low-calorie food and drinks/ juices with less sugar. Make a low-calorie pizza at home instead of opting for the cheese burst. Train yourself slowly with a healthy diet.

6. Improve Your Protein Intake

Improve Your Protein Intake

Proteins play a crucial role in both staying fit and weight loss. Include lots of proteins naturally in your diet. Go for the sprouts, paneer, tofu, eggs, meat, and even cheese. So, don’t get disheartened feeling that fitness do’s and don’ts are going to keep you deprived. All these protein foods like paneer, meat, and cheese can be had lavishly. Just opt for the roasted versions with zero/ less oil.

These are some of the best fitness tips for beginners to note before plunging straight from couch to hefty action! These are very simple but are the most crucial fitness dos and don’ts to keep you away from injury and assist in your prolific fitness journey.