Five fantastic Food Courts at these Delhi Metro Stations That You Must Check Out Now!!!

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Do you commute by Delhi metro regularly? If you do, you must be getting hunger pangs while traveling. And it is so boring to step out of the metro station entirely and search for a food joint to grab a bite.

Also, not everyone owns a car, so while you decide to hand out with your gang, these food courts can prove to be the perfect hangout zones for everyone to reach easily. Our team at Gossip ki Galliyan has done your job easy and got you a list of these five fantastic food courts that are right at the Delhi Metro Stations.

Check these places out and make a permanent mental note so that you don’t have to tolerate your hunger pangs while you are traveling via these metro stations and also when you are planning to gang up together.

1.Nehru Place Metro Station


This place has to top our list!

All Delhiites must have visited Epicuria Food Mall some time in their life.

And if you haven’t, you must! Epicuria Food Mall has almost all the cuisines in the world to offer you to satiate your taste-buds as well as tummy.

This is the perfect place to grab a bite in the mid of your transit without having to exit the extent of the metro station.

2. Huda City Centre Metro Station


There might be several people for whom Hud City Metro Station is both the beginning and the end of their metro journey.

So, while you have left your house in a jiffy without having your breakfast or you have come back after the day’s work, this metro station won’t ever leave you hungry.

The Metro Park food court right at this station has so much to offer you right from snacks to elaborate meals to sumptuous desserts.

3. Rajiv Chowk Metro Station


You could be residing in any part of Delhi, but you must have crossed or might be crossing Rajiv Chowk Metro Station regularly.

It is the metro station to go to CP, so this is inevitably one of the hottest junctions of all the Delhi Metro Stations.

Its food court Tapooz is a one-stop solution for all the craving tummies who just need some good food.

Be it Wow Momos or Chai Point, and you will see the food court flooded with the foodies at an hour of the day!

4. Dhaula Kuan Metro Station


‘Palate of Delhi’ is the food court at Dhaula Kuan Metro Station.

When you hear the name, it sounds just perfect, and you get the feeling that nothing apart from this place could be a savior for your screeching tummy.

Well, to let you know, this place is not just for the namesake. Instead, it truly justifies its name by offering you some of the best and famed food brands like Dominos, Burger King, Broncos, Khan Chacha, to name a few.

5. Kashmere Gate


Well, Kashmere Gate doesn’t have an official food court per se, as we mentioned for the other four metro stations.

Nevertheless, this place deserves to be on our list as it offers multiple food joints and eateries at various levels of the metro stations.

So, if you are super hungry, you can gorge onto various snacks like Samosas, burgers, and even pizzas.

And, last but not least, you have Comesum at an arm’s length that can come to your rescue at any hour of the day!

That’s all, folks!

So, make sure to etch these places in your mind-map, so that the next time you are commuting by metro, you know where to stop to grab a bite.


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