A Floating Island Near Mumbai Coast Appears Overnight A Hoax Or A Mystery?

Floating Island in Mumbai

Is the ‘internet-breaking’ floating island found near Mumbai actually a cruise ship called Jalesh? Atleast that’s what a website is claiming it to be!

Earlier yesterday a video of a fisherman went viral talking about a never-seen-before “floating island” sighting off the Mumbai coast. Some said it’s a submarine, some others claimed the aliens had set foot into Indian waters while some guessed it’s a floating island.

There is no official version about what this sighting could be exactly. Although a few satellite images did surface online, there was no clarity on the sighting. And of course Mumbaikars stormed Twitter searching for answers to this mysterious sighting!

Floating Island in Mumbai

And then the cat was out of the bag after a website claimed that the bizarre submarine-cum-island-cum-UFO-cum-alien-cum-something was actually a cruise ship called Jalesh. It launch function was held a couple of days ago and notable names attended the event. A few pictures from the event were also shared.

We still are waiting for an official word on the issue and whether this was a clever marketing campaign after all. Whatever it was well done Mr Floating Island in Mumbai!


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