The Four Generation Challenge is Melting our Hearts!

Source: Youtube

Memes never get old. And 2019 has begun on this very note. These Chinese kids are displaying some healthy family affection on TikTok with this meme that has Four Generation Challenge. The meme has parents, and their parents, and their parents and it just melts our heart.

So, the meme goes like this – The kids call their parents who appear in the frame. Then these parents call their parents and these parents (grandparents of the kids) call their parents (the great-grandparents of kids). Confused enough? Check this out:

Did we just make you cry? Check this one out

This three minutes eight-second video is your daily dose of happiness for 2019

And the Twitterati just went bezerk over it

Some users started missing their grandparents and great-grandparents

The world definitely needs to see more such videos.


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