5 Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Serious Friendship Goals

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As soon as you hear that iconic guitar riff from “Rock On!”, you get goosebumps and excitement. That’s the magic of friendship and doing something greater than yourself. Whether that’s starting a band, going on a trip or enjoying a night out, it’s always better when you have friends with you.

Remember the friendship in Lagaan? Even though that movie was based around independence, it had a lot to do with the friendship within the cultures of the team. Who watched Dil Chahta Hai? These movies are some of the most iconic ones ever made. That’s why they inspire us to do better and to have that spark in us forever. Friendship is everything and if we understand how to tap into that pool, we can swim forever.

# 3 Idiots (2009)

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Serious Friendship Goals
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Who could have guessed that it’s been almost a decade since the movie came out? Time flies when you’re not watching. “3 idiots” was the epitome of friendship. It had the perfect cast, the perfect storyline and hidden moments of brilliance that most casual watchers missed. The bonding between the three friends, the friendship between the characters, and the fun they had on-campus was a great reflection of how we can all have #friendshipgoals

# Rang De Basanti (2006)

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Serious Friendship Goals
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Another Aamir Khan classic, Rang De was a fantastic film about friendship and being together. The bonding that all the characters shared was immeasurable, and the passion that they shared was amazing. Rang De was one of the best movies at that time, and it had a stellar star cast that was dedicated to the ideal of friendship. They went through ups, downs and international romances, all through the power of friendship.

# Queen (2014)

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Serious Friendship Goals
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Who can forget Kangana’s best performance yet? The movie was made that much better with incredible friendships being displayed on-screen. The bindaas friendships that she had made with Lisa Hayden and others made herself more liberated and freer. Rani, the Queen, was the focal point of the movie. However, the whole movie was made more fun with the introduction of the friends who supported her. She couldn’t have become transformed, had it not been for the supporting cast of characters.

# Kai Po Che (2013)

Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Serious Friendship Goals
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This was a movie that spoke volumes about what it meant to be a friend. The storylines of each character, the accompanying songs, the romances that they all shared, and the passion in friendship were some of the best of that year. The movie also adapted the book beautifully, and it was picturized to move you from pillar to pillar. You didn’t stand a chance when you saw this movie, and it reminded you of all your friends from college.

# Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

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Anyone wanna go see the Tomatina festival this year? Chances are that this movie was one of the best ones made about friendship. Better than any movie that came out that year. it reflected different shades of friendship, trust, and allegiance. The fights, the support, and the drama that all the characters went through were amazing. The storylines of each character supported each of their intentions. While Farhan was all about fun, Hritik played a serious role of a busy-workaholic friend. Everyone played their part beautifully.