Homemade Fruit Masks for Healthy, Luscious, and Long Hair

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Any girl dreads of a bad hair day! We invest oodles of money to make our hair look shiny, luscious and glamorous. Whether it’s for office or some glam party, we just can’t think of stepping out with bad hair. So why to invest in synthetic methods and end up having sham looking hair?  Try these six natural home-made Fruit Masks for Healthy and get dazzling long hair that you dream of!

# Banana, Honey & Yogurt

Banana is the cheapest fruit available in all seasons. It is rich in potassium and Vitamins A, B and E. Mash an overripe banana in a smooth paste. Add a tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Mix it well and apply it. Let it rest on your hair for at least 30 minutes. Yogurt is an effective conditioner and helps in reducing dandruff and honey a natural cleanser. Use this Fruit Masks for Healthy twice a week and fall in love with your rejuvenated hair all over again!

# Papaya & Honey

Papaya is incredible in removing the build-up on your hair caused by using all the unnatural products. This fruit is jam-packed with all the essential antioxidants, Vitamins B and C. It works by adding volume to your thinning hair, promotes hair growth and naturally conditions them. Just grind it to make a bowl full of paste and add a tablespoon of honey for the added benefits. Apply the Fruit Masks for Healthy and rest it at least for 20 mins and wash off with a regular shampoo. Use this mask as frequently as possible.

# Strawberry and Mayonnaise

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Sounds tasty, isn’t it? It is equally tasteful for your hair! If you are suffering from alopecia and getting jittery over the excessive hair in your comb, strawberries are here as your savior. They are rich in ellagic acid which is a key ingredient to control hair fall. Also, it is flooded with nutrients like folic acid, Vit B5 and Vit B6. Mash some strawberries and add a dollop of mayonnaise to make a smooth paste. Mayonnaise will act as a natural conditioner. Use this Fruit Masks for Healthy frequently depending on your hair damage.

# Watermelon and olive oil

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Watermelon can amazingly hydrate your tresses and detoxify your scalp. This refreshing summer fruit is loaded with antioxidants, Vit C, Vit B6, and potassium. Use some watermelon juice mixed with a spoonful of olive oil for applying to your hair directly. Fruit Masks for Healthy Use it regularly for at least two weeks and see your hair getting naturally conditioned, silky and smooth. This juice can soothe an irritable scalp as well.

# Guava, honey and lemon

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Guava can act as a natural shield from UV rays of the sun for your hair. Guava leaves can help expedite the collagen activity which will result in faster growth of healthy hair. Make a paste of guava along with leaves if possible. Add a tablespoon of honey and squeeze half a lemon to the pack. Lemon removes the dirt and honey acts as a cleanser. Use this Fruit Masks for Healthy at least once a week to promote strong and long hair growth.

# Avocado & Honey

Avocado is a lavish source of amino acids, various proteins, and vitamins. If you are troubled by frizzy hair, use a paste of avocado and honey for your scalp and tresses. This pack will deeply nourish your hair to restore its lost splendor. Use this Fruit Masks for Healthy at least once in two weeks and allow it to rest for a minimum of 30 minutes.


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