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Yes, a human does make mistakes!! But even though being a grammar Nazi isn’t a great thing, sometimes the grammatical mistakes become too funny and amusing in a way that it becomes impossible not to point out such funniest grammatical mistakes.  For e.g., I remember making a thank you card for my teacher on teacher’s day that read ‘ Your the best teacher ever’ and you all must have already anticipated that I got nothing more than extra lessons on English grammar!!

Now generally we have crazy people all around the world but just for the sake of the article, I decided on categorizing some of the best and funniest grammatical mistakes ever found and hope no one of them finds me!!

1.The disabled toilet conundrum

funniest grammatical mistakes

First, on the list, we have the toilet sign reading “Toilet only for DISABLED ELDERLY PREGNANT CHILDREN “. Now, we all know that the person in charge of this sign needs to attend grammar classes ASAP but, somehow if a person fitting such a specific category does come along, we might have just found the eighth wonder!!

2. Hunters vs pedestrians

I think its high time pedestrians should start wearing a bulletproof jacket!! Found a notice that reads “HUNTERS PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN HUNTING PEDESTRIANS USING WALK TRAILS”.


3. The cannibalistic mom

We all have had our shares of the funny Facebook memes but what according to me broke the limits of a funny grammatical mistake was a mother posting a picture of roasted chicken with caption ‘Time to eat children’.

4. When trying to be perfect goes wrong

Now it’s good to strive for perfection, but the poster reading out “PERFECTION has its price” says otherwise. Honestly, how much wrong can one get?

5. When the slogan for attracting parents goes wrong

A creative kid’s software company whose slogan read” so fun, they won’t even know their learning”. Guess who got fired that night??

6. The smoking food

The sign of a workplace read “NO SMOKING FOOD ALLOWED INSIDE THE PREMISES. THANK YOU”. I found it one of the most ambiguous and funny grammar mistakes.

7. The racist comment

I don’t think this guy thought about the consequences before writing” Don’t wear black people!!” as a comment. Don’t you guys agree?

8. The illegal parking

Have you ever seen a parking sign state the following” ILLEGALLY PARKED CARS WILL BE FINE”. It seems like a fit parking spot when you are in desperate need to park your car for an evening meeting rush with the client!!

9. I could care less

Image result for I couldn’t care less

‘I couldn’t care less’ is the correct word. So, the next time you try to show some attitude, do remember to use I couldn’t care less instead of making a huge funniest grammatical mistakes at the place where it matters!!

10. Using“Me” as the first word

“I and Shubham met at a restaurant this morning” is actually wrong. This is all wrong and I always feel a chill going down my spine whenever some actually use “me” in a sentence.

Rechecking is a crucial part before finishing the work, funniest grammatical mistakes are bound to happen!! The only way to not make a fool out of yourself is to just recheck and ensure the correct use of words so that you have a good arsenal to impress THAT GIRL!!!


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