Google Removes 29 Apps From The Playstore

Google removes 29 apps from the Play store that allegedly steal private pictures from your smartphone. The malware was confirmed by a security firm ‘Trend Micro’. The apps made use of intrusive screen ads including porn videos or unsolicited content to steal the private information including pictures stored on your phone. Most of the downloads of these malicious apps were reported to be from India.

Beauty apps and Picture editing apps:

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Photo editing apps are very much in vogue. It is considered to be cool to edit your pictures or selfies by using innovative filters before posting them on the various social media sites. The features have the ability to alter your skin tone and can even make you look younger. Cashing on this latest craze, several malicious apps floated on the app store to spy on your private data. These apps would seem to be absolutely normal at the time of downloading. It is only when you try to delete them you will notice something fishy about them. You might face difficulty in un-installing these apps, as they create a shortcut which lies hidden from the app drawer to avoid getting deleted from your smartphone. Apart from pushing malicious content, these apps even redirect you to some fake websites asking you for some personal details including your contact number and residential address. Some of these beauty apps without the consent of user even downloaded some porn player, while some others downloaded the picture to their private server, amidst the uploading process of picture designated for some other website. This picture was then used for creating some fake accounts on social media websites or uploaded pornographic sites.

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The checklist:

Following is the checklist of those Google Removes 29 Apps and it is advised to immediately uninstall these if at all they are still present in your smartphone.

-Emoji Camera

-Pro Camera Beauty

-Cartoon Art Photo

-Artistic effect Filter

-Beauty Camera

-Art Editor

– Selfie Camera Pro

-Super Camera

– Horizon Beauty Camera

– Art Effects for Photo

– Awesome Cartoon Art

– Art Filter Photo Effects

– Art Filter Photo

-Art Effect

-Photo Editor

-Cartoon Effect

-Magic Art Filter Photo Editor

-Wallpapers HD

-Fill Art Photo Editor

-Art Filter


-Cartoon Art Photo

-Prizma Photo Effect

-Cartoon Art Photo Filter

-Art Filter Photo Editor


-Photo Art Effect

-Art Effect

-Cartoon Photo Filter

Google Removes 29 Apps have similar names with some words toggled or flipped. They are absolutely easy to use and nothing weird can be sensed about them. Check your phone thoroughly for these apps or any random app or shortcut which you never intended to download. A word of caution should be given to your friends and family who have a fan of using such beauty or photo editing apps.



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