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‘The digital era is taking over the world rapidly’, a sentence more or less suitable for the few subtle assumptions people make, is somewhat bending towards the reality as the years pass by!! Proof being the fact that despite various corporate social media fails such as that of Facebook and Snapchat with data security and various other issues, an average person uses social media at least 135 minutes a day to Grow your instagram followers (That is what Google stated!!).

Even with various social platforms, a person can only operate so much of these sites in this multitasking world. Grow your instagram followers ! An easy to use photo and video-sharing social platform by Instagram. The very basis of the build of this service acts as a magnet to all the photo enthusiasts and businesses looking for an easy PR program. For those of users who demand a messaging function, yes, the app has this feature included as well!!

With the huge crowd readily available as an organic audience, it would be wise to consider the following ways to build up a good number of followers and exploit the various possibilities the New Year 2020 brings.


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What better than to use the famous Apple ideology to ‘think different’ to Grow your instagram followers. Make the best use of common pictures in your gallery by presenting them to your audience with a different perspective, it also helps to deliver them the impression that you have the mentality of a different league player.


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Try to engage with your followers so as to prove that you are active not only in your posts. Also, indulge with the drama creators in the comment section with witty and smart responses or….you can always choose to stay away from the unnecessary drama!!


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It’s never a bad idea to team-up when you are seeking to Grow your instagram followers desperately! It would be a clever move to start the year by building up a friendship with other users and sharing each other’s followers.


Get More Instagram Followers: Instagram HAshtags

Proper use of hashtag will always Grow your instagram followers. Using the right number of them (i.e. 2 to 30 per post) and including popular ones always helps the users outside your radar to find you easily. Just extra advice, location tags always work for people!!


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It would not be a bad idea to create a record of more popular items when considering the taste of your followers to Grow your instagram followers. Try to figure out the time when the majority of your audience is online so as to target as many of them as possible.


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Now,Grow your instagram followers To considering that ‘an artist is as good as his brush’ is not the policy to adopt, rather the practical approach would be something similar to using a DSLR instead of a shaggy phone to provide the viewers with better quality content.

You can always return to the basics anytime you want but the better policy is to take precaution rather than the cure. It is very challenging to Grow your instagram followers so it would be best to attract people with all those wild and ballsy ideas filled up with madness in your mind while sticking with the basics!! Sounds like the perfect ‘ENDGAME’ doesn’t it?


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