Haj Subsidy Ends, Saving the Pak Government Crores of Money

The decision for abolishing the Haj subsidy was recently discussed during a meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in Islamabad, which has resulted in a debate on whether the permission for Hajj containing Islam subsidy gives.

Decision Of Pakistan Government

The decision of the Pakistan government for ending the Haj subsidy would be saving 450 crores rupees. Pakistan’s religious and mutual harmony minister Nurul Haq Qadri gave away this piece of information.

Qadri also went on saying, “The predecessor (PML-N) government gave the subsidy of 42-42 thousand rupees to every Haj Yatri, due to which there was an additional burden of Rs 450 crores on the treasury.” Considering the current economic situation of the country, the federal cabinet has decided to abolish this subsidy. ”

Few More Words of the Minister

haj subsidy

“The Government has withdrawn Rs 450 crores financial assistance which it was paying as the Haj subsidy for the pilgrims. A major chunk of Haj’s inflated price is due to rupee devaluation and Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed by the Saudi Government,” he said.

The minister also stated that 1, 84,000 Pakistani nationals will be visiting Haj this year, out of which 107,000 of them will be going to government quota while the remaining private quota will be going on the Haj pilgrimage.

“Pakistan’s Haj expenditure is still the lowest in the region if you count it in US dollar as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia is charging more in term of US dollars. My Ministry had proposed that the subsidy should not be abolished but the Federal Cabinet decided against it,” the Minister said.


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