The Hard-Hitting Lyrics of Gully Boy Would Leave You Wanting for More

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With both the trailer and the teaser, Gully Boy is already winning hearts and raising high hopes for its soundtrack. The jukebox of the film has seriously given us something to ponder upon. The lyrics of Gully Boy are such that it would speak to the generation of today. The 18-track album brags of brilliant talent, with more than 50 artists collaborating together for creating the unique soundtrack. Here are some of the lyrics of Gully Boy the songs which would hit you hard and leave you contemplating:


Iss duniya ki kya story, kiske haath me iski dori?

Right me building aasma ko chuu rahi,

Left me bacchi bhukhi, sadko pe so rahi.

Kaisi ye majboori?”

These words would make you realize where the world has come to and the price we are paying for making the economy grow. The more you think of it, the more it depresses you.

2.‘Mere Gully Me’

Gully Boy

“Dekho to idhar, mere gully me hai ghar,

Chhote chhote lekin zara dekho.

Dil me hai jagah beshumar

De pukaar Kabhi gully se

Madad dene ko taiyaar!”

lyrics of Gully Boy song is no less than a nostalgic walk down the memory lane when our houses were smaller and hearts were bigger. The songs brews of an earthy smell and a sense of belonging to the rural, small town lands which we have all left behind to achieve something greater. The narrow ‘gullies’ of Mumbai still have that old- world charm and everyone has a heart of gold there.

3.‘Jeene me Aaye Maza’

“Taraazu ke bas do thaal hai,

Ek orr hum, duje mein khwaab hai.

Zindagi ye pareshaan hai,

Ganimat hai tu hai yahaan,

Jeene mein aaye maza.”

The lyrics of this song would remind you of that one friend you can always count on no matter what’s going on in your life. Their mere presence is enough to keep your hopes from crashing at hard times and you know, together you’d make it through.

4.‘Kaam Bhaari’

Gully Boy

“Gully gang chali

Chand ke khoj mein.

Ab toh taare sitaare humein

Jaante log hain.”

If you want to dedicate a song to your squad, this is the one. Most of us have that group of friends who stand with us through thick and thin. Together, we can move the mountains and while doing so, we are sure to hum this song!

5.“Apna Time Ayega”

“Aisa mera khwaab hai jo

Darr ko bhi satayega

Zinda mera khwaab

Kaise tu dafnaayega?”

This song is all that you need when you think you are not good enough. Loaded with strong and inspiring words, lyrics of Gully Boy would restore your faith in you. When the world knocks you down and you see the face of failure a lot more than that of success, these words would act like a motivational guru to boost you up with energy and never giving up.

We are already high on the lyrics of Gully Boy and can’t stop playing them on loop. Go, listen to them now if you haven’t already and thank us later.


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