Hard Kaur says,‘If you don’t do coke in Bollywood, you ain’t cool!’ Really???

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It hasn’t been long since the pictures of several stars at Karan Johar’s party floated online. The pictures of very famous stars like Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapur and several other prominent faces donned a stoned look indicating that they were heavily drunk. In no time after the pictures got viral, a tweet from Akali Dal MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa created a stir in the Bollywood as well as political world. He tweeted that the Bollywood stars are shamelessly flaunting their drugged state and that he highly condemns their double standards. He added that these stars just fake in the movies that they are against the drug abuse, but in real life they flaunt contradictorybehavior. He further alleged that the Bollywood stars appeared doped to him and even requested the Mumbai police to register a FIR against them.

Repercussions of Sirsa’s claims:

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The video of this Karan Johar’s party which was uploaded by the host himself and tagged ‘Saturday night vibes’ went viral in no time. Almost every person got into the gumshoe mode and a deep analysis began whether the stars were really doped or just drunk! Milind Deora, a Congress leader took to Twitter and openly accused Manjinder Singh Sirsa of spreading lies on the basis of conjecture. He even added that his wife too was present at the party and that nobody was doped. He mentioned in his tweet that Sirsa should render an unconditional apology.

Did Sirsa budge?


Nope!! He instead hit back with stronger condemnation. He tweeted that if Karan Johar and his other guests are so innocent, they should get a dope test done and upload the reports too! He continued his lashing on the Twitter platform and called those stars ‘ Nashediyon’ meaning Druggies! He said that he firmly believes, the stars do drugs and he will continue his fight against the drug abuse. He added that he would never ever apologize even if he is forced to spend his entire life in jail for publicly accusing these stars.

Here comes Hard Kaur!

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Image source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Before the lava bed could cool down, Hard Kaur further made sure that it stays alive! She revealed that drug abuse is rampant in Bollywood industry and people do it to look cool and fit in.

During her interview with a top daily, she was asked to opine about this viral video doing the rounds. She said that, it was okay till just ‘ganja’ was in. But these days, ‘coke’ has become the maxim! Cocaine is an expensive drug and hence the latest showoff factor. She even added that it is the gang thing and that people who snort together, stay together! She didn’t budge from revealing the controversial secrets and confirmed that everyone does it. If you are a star, you are supposed to do sex, drugs and flaunt a rock and roll lifestyle, added Hard Kaur!

Hard Kaur didn’t shun when asked and exposed the drug scene of this glitzy Bollywood.

Image source: https://www.indiatoday.in

Poor K Jo! Controversies have unconditionally fallen in love with him. It started with a controversial episode with two famed cricketers on his coffee talk show and now this video!

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