Healthy Eating Tips for Doctors and Nurses Who Slog for Long Hours

Healthy eating tips for doctors
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We sneeze, we fall, we get ill and we rush to a clinic. Deep somewhere, we expect the doctors and the nurses to perform some magic and make us feel alright in no time. But have you ever thought what should the doctors and nurses do if they get ill? Are they allowed to take off and neglect ‘we patients’ and become patients themselves? A big no!!!

Nurses and doctors both have to work incessantly for long hours, and they tend to neglect their health the most. With no time for themselves and unpredictable working shifts, they usually do not afford to spend time on cooking or eating something elaborate. And in the times, when online portals are making quick food available with quick delivery and at low prices, the heating habits have spoiled for everyone. So, we bring a few healthy eating tips for the doctors and nurses to keep them going strong in their long working hours.

# Don’t Forget to Drink Water- The Elixir of Life!

Bottled water being poured into glass, close-up

It usually skips our mind to drink water when we are too busy. At times, we deliberately drink less water to save the time of even relieving ourselves in the washrooms. But this is the worst treatment that we are giving to our body that can hamper our health in many ways. Always make sure to drink at least 8 oz glasses of water in a day. A reusable bottle can be carried to work so that the water intake is monitored. How about drinking a glass of water right away?

# Don’t Skip Your Meals

Don’t skip your meals

It is very important for doctors and nurses to regulate their eating habits. However busy the schedule is, and whatever time your day starts, breakfast should never be skipped. It is the most essential meal of the day and must be wholesome. Tiffin boxes must be packed for work and should be eaten at regular intervals. If there is a time crunch, make sure to grab a fruit or small snacks at regular intervals.

# Ditch Coffee

Ditch coffee

Coffee can certainly give a kick momentarily but doesn’t help in the long run. It drains you out too soon. Caffeine addiction is a vicious cycle and has a lot of drawbacks. The more coffee you have, the more tired you get in lesser time and then the cycle goes on. It affects sleep pattern the most and one becomes sleep deprived. So again coffee!

Grab a cup of Green tea instead.  It is low in caffeine and contains theanine which supposedly improves mental alertness.

# Say No to Carbonated Drinks

Say no to carbonated drinks

Never binge on carbonated cold drinks when you are thirsty. Deliberately try to replace the habit of drinking carbonated drinks with fresh juices or milkshakes. They have a high sugar content and no nutritional value as such, so you end up gaining weight instead. Too much of intake even lead to calcium depletion. Drink fresh water instead!

# Include Proteins Heartily in Your Meals

Include proteins heartily in your meals

Proteins constitute the most essential building blocks of body for both young and old. The nonvegetarians can include meat, eggs, and fish in their diet. The vegetarians can go for sprouts, tofu, paneer, and soya. All these options can make up for a scrumptious yet healthy meal. Regular intake of proteins drastically elevates your energy levels and can help to combat hectic routines.

Of course, the doctors and nurses know it the best. But sometimes, we know everything, yet our lackadaisical attitude takes over. It is just a humble reminder from Gossip ki Galliyan to our dear doctors and nurses whose health is of top priority to all of us.