Here’s What Akshay Kumar has to Say about the Question of His Citizenship


It’s been quite some time since Akshay Kumar has been facing questions regarding his nationality. On Friday, the actor took to Twitter to let the netizens know he is a tax payer of India and always intends on making the nation stronger.

The post makes it very clear that he is unaffected by the criticism that has been going around in social media about his citizenship being unwarranted. He doesn’t have to prove to anybody how much he loves his country. He also mentioned that although he possesses a Canadian passport, he has not gone to the country in the last seven years.

How did it all start?

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uestions began rising when Twinkle Khanna was spotted at a polling booth without her hubby dearest and people began spreading negativity as to why Akshay was missing from the polling booth while many celebrities showed up for casting their votes.

Well, the fact is Akshay cannot vote in the Lok Sabha elections of our country because he owns a Canadian citizenship which makes him illegible to cast his vote in India.

While interacting with the media for the movie Blank, he was asked about his reaction on the criticism he’s been getting due to him not being present at the polling booth. He simply smiled and commented “Chaliye Beta” and then just walked away.

In the month of April, Modi tagged Akshay in his tweet and asked him for encouraging voting. Akshay responded by tweeting, “true hallmark of a democracy lies in people’s participation in the electoral process. Voting has to be a superhit prem katha between our nation and its voters.”

Recently, the actor also grabbed a lot of media attention for his ‘non-political’ interview with the Prime Minister right when elections were just around the corner.


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