If you are dating a bearded man, you need to know this.

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If you are a hygiene freak, it’s time to give your man’s beard a trim. According to a recent study, there are more germs residing in the bearded man that you can find in the fur of your dogs. Scientists went through the levels of bacteria present in the facial hair of 18 men and the fur of 30 different dogs. A much higher amount of bacteria was found lurking in bearded man as compared to the dogs’ fur. 23 out of 30 dogs were found to have high counts of microbes while the rest of them had a moderate microbial count.  On the other hand, all the men of 18 to 76 years of age were detected with a much higher microbial count out of which 7 were infested with bacteria that are hazardous to a human’s health.

# The Final Word

reasons why bearded men make the best partners
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The study was actually designed for finding out where there lies a risk of humans to pick a disease from the dogs if a common MRI scanner is used by them and the vet. After disinfecting the MRI scanners, higher levels of bugs were found after the men used the scanner. Professor Andreas Gutzeit from Hirslanden Clinic of Switzerland started that this study proves that our four-pawed wonders are a lot cleaner, safer and way more hygienic than men as the latter is always roaming around with hundreds of bacteria lurking in their bearded man!

However, in a yet another study, it was found that bearded man often end up being better boyfriends than the clean shaved one. So now you decide- better hygiene or a better love life? Choice is yours!


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