10 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You Have Studied In An Engineering College

10 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You Have Studied In An Engineering College
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Ah, engineering college! Who can forget the long lines in the canteen, the son-ac classrooms, and the strenuous assignments that we had to complete the next day? We learned so much, about nothing helpful, during those times.

How often were we going to build a bridge, or calculate the fluid dynamics of oil? But, we struggled and cribbed through our 4 years there, while learning that maybe our parents don’t know everything.

1.Independence, but kinda

Finally, we could go out and have a great time listening to our parents. But, since we had so much homework, assignment work, project deadlines and more to do, we didn’t really enjoy it. We could take one Saturday off in a month and go out of town, but that was it. Oh well, at least we made the most of what we could.

2. Drinking at parties

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Who here has met up with their fellow engineers at 2 am and drowned their sorrows? There is so much drinking that happens in engineering colleges. It took a lot of heart to wake up the next day and then attend classes. There is a social bonding that occurs only during drinking sessions. Parties meant – discuss how bad teachers were, get drunk on cheap whiskey, dance on Bollywood hits.

3. Making fun of mechanical engineers

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Because why wouldn’t you? Everyone knows it’s funny to make light of their bad situation. To be honest, mechanical students don’t deserve the joking they get. They’re already stressed out as it is, but it was fun to make fun of them while it lasted.

4. Faffing during Vivas

Vivas meant that we had to use all the power we had to make it through the round. While we didn’t know our professors very well, we thought that puppy eyes and keywords could make it happen. We also became extremely religious and started to pray to God nine times a day. Faffing became the only way that we could survive through the whole experience.

5. Every party is a bachelor party

There are no girls that do engineering, hence every party becomes a bachelor party. If by chance, there are one or two girls at the college, they become everyone’s sister.

6. Proxy signature

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There were times where you didn’t know whether you should sign an attendance sheet your way or how your friends do it. There was so much proxy going on that it was crazy. No one attended class, yet everyone’s signatures were on the sheet. This way, every college could boast about its attendance rates. Problem solved for everyone!

7. Long sleepless nights before exams

We all thought that there were some magical powers that would make you absorb the study material if you put them under your pillow. That was one of the biggest mistakes that you could make, but you made it every time. You also only studied a week before the exam was due.

8. Chamcha-Giri was the norm

Chamcha-Giri was how you passed all those exams. When you spend that extra time with lab assistants and teachers, they would be able to tell you all the inside information. Chamcha-Giri was a true skill that you could pick up along the way. It wasn’t taught to everyone, but the chosen few could decipher the rules to do it.

9. Group projects mei only one person does all the work

Regardless of what the group project may be, there was only a person that did all the work. This was true for every batch and stream of engineering. That’s why professors would start shuffling the students around and eventually realized that no group could survive without the padhakoo.

10. Placements was the only time we’ve worn formals

The time of placements was the only time in our lives that we’ve had to dress and wear formals. It was the only time when we needed to pretend to know everything about our industries. Some of us googled the companies while waiting for our turn in the interview.


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