India is set to start its first ever garbage café in Chhattisgarh!

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We at Gossip ki Galliyan not only share the trending news or scintillating gossips but also believe in fulfilling our duty towards the society at large. Time and again we have shared news and articles to elucidate people on the hazards of plastic waste. Not have we talked just about the problems posed by this non-decomposable waste but have also suggested ideas on how to curb the plastic use and dispose the plastic waste correctly. This news article is again a reiteration on how important it is to reduce the plastic usage and dispose the waste appropriately.

India’s first garbage café in Chhattisgarh:

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We are happy to share the proud news that first ever garbage café of India has been launched in Chhattisgarh. Many of us might have noticed that the poor rag pickers have to dig in the filthy garbage to scavenge the plastic waste. Despite getting their hands dirty, they hardly are able to eat to their stomach’s fill. In order to solve this problem and to give these poor people sufficient meal respectfully, the garbage café has been launched in Ambikapur , Chhattisgarh. This café is set to provide full meal in exchange of the plastic garbage. People fetching 1 kg of plastic waste will be entitled for a full meal while people fetching 500gms of plastic garbage will be given a substantial breakfast. This is great initiative undertaken by the Municipal corporation to support the poor and homeless people in lieu of plastic waste.

Ambikapur – A city of inspiration!

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Ambikapur has been crowned the second cleanest city after Indore. Ambikapur strictly adheres to ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’. The city has made astonishing progress from previous year’s 40th rank to mark its categorical presence as the top civic administered town in solid waste management. With the implementation of this garbage café, authorities plan to use the collected plastic waste in the construction of roads. Already Ambikapur has a road made with asphalt and plastic granules. Plastic granules when used in the construction of roads make them even more durable as the plastic granules prevent water from percolating. The first such road in the state, in this city has been constructed using 8 lakh plastic bags!

Mayor, Ajay Tirkey presented the city’s municipal budget on Monday and confirmed that the café will operate from the city’s main bus stand. The budget has confirmed INR 5 lacs to be dedicated to this garbage café. Along with this scheme, there are plans to provide shelter to the homeless ragpickers. Ajay Tirkey has also confirmed that the corporation has already constrained the use of plastic carry bags.

Nowhere it is written that only Ambikapur must join the ecological bandwagon! Such practices must be implemented all over India. If similar cafes are opened all across the country, there will be a revolution in the plastic waste disposal and also the chronic hunger problem can be solved to a large extent!



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