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Hi guys, this is IGL. A new format of YouTube series that talks about the inside gossip that includes some of the hottest action happening in the world of cricket. We’re launching a roundup of stories on IPL every week, along with the best batsmen of the series, top matches, interesting moments, inside scoops on players and much more.

If you’re a fan of cricket and want to keep in touch with all things related to IPL, follow IGL (Indian Gossip League).

There’s nothing worse than missing out on your favourite cricket updates. That’s why it’s so important to follow our page. We have some of the hottest gossip, information and insights to make you subscribe, share and like.

Our amazing host Pranshu Singh, will take you through all the latest happenings in the world of cricket. Everything from which matches were important, and what important moments came by will be shared every week. We also have our in-house “Bhaukali Meter”:P. This should help you keep a track of what’s happening in the world of IPL.

You’re also going to get the latest scoop about the players themselves. What all happened, what they did right, and what they did that shouldn’t have been done. Everything has been crafted and served to your taste, with bite sized information that you can quickly absorb.

The overall impact of the game will become that much more amazing by following the IGL YouTube channel at –

What more can you ask for when it comes to a dedicated gossip and cricket channel? Fans love it and so do casual viewers of all things IPL.
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